expired 1/2 Price Optus $29.95 and $2 SIM Packs at 7-Eleven


Just bought 2 x $29.95 SIM packs from my local 7-Eleven. The guy behind the counter didn't know about it but there was a promo wobbler in the phone section. It only cost me $30. It comes with $30 worth of credit. I'm going to buy 4 more and not recharge again for the next 6 months. Bargain !I couldn't find any promo of this on the internet so I just put up the product page from Optus

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    Excuse my ignorance, doesn't the credit apply to the new sim number when its activated? If you could use the $30 credit to recharge an existing number - I'd be after it if it can be confirmed as a recharge source.

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    No but I can port the number over very easily online and use my existing phone number.


      sorry mate, what do you mean you can port to your existing number? what if your existing number already got some credit?


      I don't know about Optus but I know they don't let you do that at Virgin (Porting a Virgin number to another Virgin SIM).

      I signed up for a post-paid plan online and afterwards asked if I can have my old Virgin prepaid number ported over, they said no. Now I have to port the prepaid number to another service provider and then immediately port the number back to my postpaid phone.


    wait for it to run out I suppose.


    How does this and how are the rates, compare to Woolworths's Prepaid (Optus) that have 45 days life? (i don't calls many times in a month for this prepaid mobile)

    I think at the least i can get Woolies for 10% off.

    Also how easy is it to port back Woolies prepaid to this one - should i purchase the $2 starter kit also?


      Being a prepaid optus user - my experience is that you have to recharge a minimum of $30 and be on the long life plan before recharge to get 6 months. Any amount less then $30 will give you the time applicable to the recharge amount ie $10 = 7 days.


    Does it come with unlimited calls/sms and 5GB data a month like the Red Bull pre-paid $1 a day/$365 year deal + $1.00 for HTC Explorer or Cha Cha?



      As I understand, its a standard starter sim, so you pick what plan you want to go on at the time of activation. Go to the optus homepage and look at the available plans suited to your needs under the prepaid tab.


      1GB/day by $2/day x 15 charges ($30 @ 50% off) =15GB - is rather a more interesting product than infinite everyday calls/txt done by Redbull but that's simply my opinion. None of these 'bundled' calls provide your actual Presence which is what VoIP neatly enables over Internet Protocol.

      I think seeing Telstra and Optus can be likened as almost siblings in terms of coverage footprint — as opposed to Voda which is still trying to reach %97 — the most sensible comparison would be the $10 kit Telstra flogged the other week.

      Although what you'd get from the analysis may not be all good, both Telstra & Optus appear to supply three hours voice time each at $30 on their main deals. The real standout difference would appear to come down to Optus providing decent data inclusions: Woolworths as one example, but particularly dollar days, both useful services for where one lacks fixed broadband.

      58 or 28c/day; depending whether you source these vouchers discounted eg. Q2FY(11)-
      OptusWoolies29 "250credit" /$1.05/min average; = 3.96hrs effective (47calls @5min)
      PLUS ~111MB/day of internet
      Optus_'4Less "33credit" /$0.15/min average; = 3.66hrs Voice (44calls @5min) PLUS —1MB/day
      nb. I exclude all Optusnet calls from the equation as undesirable to network neutrality principles.

      Telstra_Encore "250credit" /$1.05/min average; = 3.96hrs effective (47calls @5min)
      PLUS <36MB/day
      Telstra_Simplicity "$30credit" /$0.15/min = 3.33hrs voice (40calls @5min) PLUS <11MB/day


    Can I sign up for this and then use the $2 day offer for unlimited calls and data for $2 for each day it is used?

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    I bought a Woolworth's sim card and a $29 recharge and I got the recharge for half price. That was yesterday in Brisbane (garden city). My brother did the same about a week before. Apparently the Woolworth's deal is supposed to be finished but it's not.


    What's the expiry date on the woolworths recharge docket now.They were 1/11/12 in December when I purchased 7.

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    Lots and lots prepaid voucher being sold on eBay too. I just bought recently Woolies recharge worth $29 for $21.5, more than 10% off I guess. So far, they do great and have optimum network performance. Well, I think that's because of Optus. I'm a Voda user previously, but their network for broadband especially has been really terrible. Don't know bout now. I'm happy with Woolies atm.


    so can you buy these starter packs and when registering the optus sim online choose a internet data plan for 30 days instead of mobile or do you need to purchase a special optus micro or tablet sim to be able to choose online internet data plan ?


    combine this with a $2 sim from telstra and get $63 in your pocket :)

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