Replacement Heads for Dog Nail Grinders

I recently "upgraded" from a generic eBay dog nail grinder to the Kmart Pet Electric Nail File ( and find it pretty good so far, however Kmart doesn't sell replacement grinder heads. Do people just keep buying the whole $32 unit when the heads wear down? Is there a more economical way? Or a different product recommendation that is better value / more eco friendly?

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    Not sure, maybe a Dremel head would fit into it?

    Kmart released their air purifiers without replacement filters, eventually they released the filters, but that’s a larger and more expensive item, so not sure if they’d bother with the grinder?

    I’d suggest maybe seeing if a Dremel grinder attachment would fit, as that might be the next best option that is easy to source.


      Do you have a Dremel? Perhaps I should just spend more and get one of those in future. If it's quicker / stronger I'd be willing to spend more.


        I don’t have a Dremel, I’ve used a similar knock off rotary tool before though.

        I use clippers because my dogs wouldn’t tolerate the noise of the grinder.


        Might be worth doing some reviews to see. You can definitely get cordless Dremels but they would be significantly more expensive, as far as I know they’re meant to be very good tools. But not sure about nails though? I’m sure there is some info online about it.


    How does your dog find the grinding approach and how quick can you complete it?

    Our dog hated the grinding (we had the dremel), but can put up with clippers (particularly if there is an edible treat handy)

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      I still use clippers but I finish off with the grinder. Most of my dog's nails are black and it's very hard to see the quick so I prefer using the grinder to lessen my anxiety! Takes a lot longer, he's good at sitting there patiently though.