Roller Blinds Blackout - Commercial

Need to replace Roller Blinds for the house Blackout / blockout I can remember a post about getting Commercial blinds, any idea where to start? Or other options for good quality/price?



    I have huge windows in my apartment and I tried to find complete blackout blinds (those that run on tracks either side) and a few places I called pointed me to Helioscreens. I tried contacting a few of their distributors multiple times over a couple of months and none ever got back to me. When I contacted other places that did blinds, they told me that Helio had a patent on those types of blinds.

    Whether you can install tracks for complete blackout also depends on how your window frames have been set. A basic estimate I did get was that a 3m wide x 2m drop blind was about $6000 (motorised).

    I ended up settling for normal "blockout" blinds (just thick material) where the light still comes through the sides of each blind. It's not too bad, but I'd still prefer those on tracks to completely seal off the light (for better sleep).


      Thanks for the great response, the ones with tracks are what I was after but that $$$


        There were also these ones too, but I'm not sure of the quality or price. They kept popping up on my Facebook adds for a while. (The maximum width they had still wasn't wide enough for my windows). You could give them a call and see what they have.

        Remember to factor in the motors, remotes, internet gateway and electrician costs as well if you want any of those (if they're not included in the quote). My blinds pretty much doubled in costs after I added all those!


    Just make sure that when they measure the blinds, they measure from outside the frame, rather than inside the frame

    My parents got some from Spotlight, and they measured inside the frame and let’s in light around the edges. Whereas the ones I got, the roller sits on the actual window frame and let’s in no light (unless you’re against the side of it)


    If you are happy to install yourself I can recommended a company overseas to make them up for you.

    I had them make outdoor 4 wireless motorised 5% blinds for my alfresco area.

    Each blind was about 3.3x2.1m and paid $2600usd plus freight.

    Took 1 weekend to install all 4 and it works great.


      Happy to install myself, looking for non-motorised interior


      Very interested to know what company please 🙂