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[Prime] Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies Size 3/4/5/6 Girls/Boys 1 Month Pack $50 ($41.56-$42.50 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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  • Thanks bought two.

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    Thanks OP. Bought one. Showing OOS on my PC but was able to purchase through app.

  • Smaller packs on sale at Coles for $25 as well if you don't have prime comes out to a similar price per nappy

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      10 cents difference per nappy coles vs amazon for size 5

      • 4 cents difference for size 5?

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          Coles 25 nappies for 64 = $0.39 per 1Ea

          Amazon 144 nappies for 42.50 = $0.29 (0.3 rounded) per 1Ea

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    It's good price with S&S, $42.5 per box!

  • boys size 5 temporarily oos

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    sadly no pull ups

    great price for normal nappies though!

  • my son uses nappy pants starting from size 4

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      Just prestick these and use like nappy pants 🤣

    • 31 cents each at Woolies at the moment in packs of 29 for size 4!

  • Cheers for this OP.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 for my daughter.

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    Aldi nappies still seem cheaper and are of good quality.

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      Just don't want to go to ALDI during lockdown…

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        When the lockdown here was announced the line at woolies went out the door. Aldi had no one in it. I have no idea why. They always have toilet paper, flour and all the things people whinge about. I don't usually shop at Aldi, but its definitely my lockdown default. That being said, Colesworth pricing is getting silly lately, especially meat pricing. Be good if Aldi had a better checkout system.

        • Meat price is always up when in lockdown. The same inflated price in wet market or smaller independent retailers.

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      Not really

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      I find Aldi nappies are okay for day use, but Huggies are much better overnight imo.

      • How about babylove? Only the good old Australian made huggies were the best quality that you can no longer buy. No idea about these ones.

    • Aldi nappies are great only during the day. At night they can't hold for the entire night. You will get leaks

    • From my newborn use.
      Aldi diapers 30 used with two major blowouts and two minor soak thrus

      Huggies 80 used with one minor blowout and no leaks

      Pampers 60 used with no leaks or blowouts

      The Aldi are cheap but not even close in quality. Just depends on how much money not having poop all over your pants once in a while is worth.

  • Literally ordered yesterday unfortunately already shipped earlier today . In the past amazon was really flexible and would give a promo credit on the difference. Cs these days would rather you totally remake the order and return the original order.

  • Not as good as prime day sales.. but still good.

  • Good price. Only cheaper on prime day. Paid for girls size 4 only $39.15 with S&S on 21.06.21

    • Was just about to post the same until I read this comment!

      • Well I need them anyway and next time they go cheap in November on prime day. Can’t wait so long.

        • I loaded up on 2 boxes which I think was the max. Still have a box left.

  • Ultimates are also on sale. Prime s&s at $21.25

    • Are they worth the extra money?

      • I find they hold more liquid so I generally use them for night time while I use ultras for daytime.

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    After Huggies moved production to China, I have found the Aldi and Woolworths Australian made nappies to be just as good. $10 a pack everyday is cheaper than Huggies.

    My son has had no issues in Aldi/ woolies. My daughter used to use Huggies overnight.

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      No nappies are made in oz

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        Aldi nappies are made here

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          Yup. I totally support Aussie jobs therefore i buy Aldi especially during lockdown

    • How are the Woolies ones compare to Aldi? Have you tried babylove as well?

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    Japanese moony way better than these

    • Are you sure? Had a look before they are very thin. Comfortable Yup but they leak easy

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    I thought OZ bargainers would use cloth nappies.

    • Would you use those? Seriously…

    • I think it will cost you more time and effort to wash them. You have to use washing machine which means water and laundry power it's not exactly 100% green. If you hand wash then you also spend time on that which is $ itself

      • Less solid waste in landfill with cloth, also cheaper if you commit to it long enough, and once you get a routine/method down for washing it really isn't that much more effort. Also have to say there's a premium feel to a good modern cloth nappy that fits your kid right

  • Anyone knows ‘hugs and bubs’ nappies selling at amazon? How’s the quality compared to $10 Woolies or Aldi nappies?

    Much cheaper and claim made in Australia.

    • I haven't used them but saw a few posts from ppl I follow on social media (bargain hunters, not mum influencers, so not a sponsored/paid post) about a good deal they had recently (free samples) and reviews were good!

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