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$5 off All Orders: 700ml $50, 1L $70 Delivered @ Vantage Australia - Spirit of a Nation


Vantage Australia's Lockdown sale!

Try the multi award winning Australian Spirit with the biggest discount ever offered.
$15 off regular price with free shipping Australia wide.
Choose from 700ml and exclusive 1 Litre Duty Free bottles.
All sales come with a Free cocktail recipe book.

700ml $55 plus $10 shipping down to $50
1000ml $75 plus $10 shipping down to $70

All discounts automatically added at checkout

Made from Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper and Australian Mandarin, Vantage offers a citrus refreshing taste that works both as a cocktail base or neat over ice. Use this Australian Spirit as an alternative to your regular Gin or Vodka.



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  • Price in title please.

    • hey there barryquinn it is a storewide sale, all items have $15 off their individual prices

      • Maybe give some examples.

        • updated

          • +1

            @hargy89: Cheers, next time I'd suggest you go with

            "Free shipping & $5 off all orders" as its less clunky.

            But kudos to you for auto applying the discount without the need for a discount code to all orders. Nice touch.

            • @M00Cow: Thanks M00Cow, its only fair if everyone can save!

            • +1

              @M00Cow: @hargy89 you asked below what to update the title to I'd suggest the wording proposed by @M00Cow of "Free shipping & $5 off all orders"

      • +2

        Deals have prices.

        To save the site click-throughs…

        From $50/bottle (700mL)

        Title needs to be fixed. To clarify, this is $5 off the item price, plus $10 off to cover "Free" shipping…

        Naughty, naughty ☝️

        • +3

          Thanks for your patience, it is the first deal we have uploaded to Ozbargin so will make it clearer for you all.

        • Looks like it's all sorted, you migh like to reconsider the neg. Put it down to first post over euthisasm.

  • Is free shipping working? It shows $10 off shipping and then lists $10 shipping onto the price anyway

    • the $10 shipping portion is cancelled out by the free shipping discount of $10 at checkout

      • +1

        That makes it $5 off plus free shipping. Your title implies $15 discount AND free shipping

        • +1

          Exactly, the savings are $5 off and not $15 unless I'm missing something?

          Edit: Nevermind. Just awkward wording had me confused. It's a total $15 saving if shipping is also included

        • +1

          hey there slo20 the sale is a discount that equals $15 off that includes free shipping not $15 off and free shipping on top of. Hope that makes sense :)

          Do you guys have suggestions for a clearer title?

          • +2

            @hargy89: How about $5 off and free shipping (usually $10). Much more accurate

          • @hargy89: Good edit. Probably as concise as you can get it. Welcome to ozbargain 😀

            • @Slo20: Thanks for the help!

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    Or fruit-infused vodka?

    Can't work out the description… 🤔

    • +1

      Vantage is an Australian Botanical spirit. It is distilled essentially like a gin but without Juniper which is not native to Australia.

      • Oh, cool. A gin alternative. Thanks for that.

        I'd probably give it a go if the pricing was a little better (~$40-45). It's difficult to turn away from Roku which is had for $45…

        • +3

          Thats ok, maybe next time!

          This is the biggest sale we have ever had, its hard out there for Aus business' right now.

    • +1

      Gin is really just vodka with "botanicals" (aka infused with plants to flavour). It used to have to include juniper berries, but that seems to have gone by the wayside for some. So they probably don't call it gin as it isn't infused with juniper berries. But it probably has more in common with gin then flavoured vodka.

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    Actually tried this at the good food and wine show a while ago and enjoyed it and the bottles have an awesome design. Got a few for gifts and still have a bottle in my pantry 👌

    • +1

      Thanks Shapers! Glad you enjoyed

    • Hey shapers, was this best enjoyed neat for you?

      • +1

        personally over ice did it for me :)

        • Taste closer to a gin or a fruit-infused vodka?

  • What's the difference between the 'Pioneers' and 'Sydney'? From what I can see it's just the bottle design?

    • +1

      Thats correct. Same great spirit just differently designed bottles (originally meant for Duty Free)

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  • bought this previously from liquor land as something a bit different the bottle looks really cool on the display shelf; but hotdamn the thing was hard to open; ended up getting out a claw wrench to be able to pry the top off hah!
    Spirit itself is interesting; lots of flavor which some will like and others not so much; I tried it straight and in mixed drinks; which added a new complexity; but ultimately the remainder of the bottle is still sitting on my shelf after 6 months.

    • if you're keen send your mailing address to [email protected] and we can send you a cocktail recipe book. Let's see if we can inspire you to finish that bottle!

  • Never heard of this before. Not to keen on gin myself, the wife doesn't mind it though.
    At $50 delivered I think its a great price, picked up a bottle.
    I assume your business model was heavily reliant on international travels picking up bottles via duty free, which probably won't be happening for a while! Happy to support you guys, hope things pick up for you soon.

    • +1

      We were having some great success through duty free and selling to bars and restaurants but with covid that took a real hit. Thank you for the support!

  • +2

    I got this on clearance at a Liquorland for $25 - I was really impressed with it, the flavour is like a mix between gin and native Australian botanicals, and found it really nice either on the rocks or with soda water. It's definitely worth a try, I'd buy it again

  • Wife enjoyed this. Mixed it in with a few cocktails over the weekend, worked a treat. Just ordered another bottle, nice to see the promo still going.

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