Job Seeker and COVID Payments

if you are on job seeker for past month and been affected by covid19 are you able to cancel job seeker and apply for any of the COVID 19 grants? Had a discussion with both NSW and Centrelink as they are confused and do not know.

If you cancel the jobseeker payments then you are not double dipping, I mean your in a hot spot and told to isolate because of close contact, been on job seeker as my business cannot operate during lockdown. I will be applying for the $15000 grant payment supplying the letter from tax agent as I qualify over $75000 and turn over has dropped 70% on 2019 in the two weeks comparisons but wanted to know if the $600 or $1500 fortnightly payments are still optional.



    I mean your in a hot spot and told to isolate because of close contact your

    Might qualify for this without cancelling jobseeker if you are actually quarantining and not just following stay at home orders.

    Definitely have to cancel jobseeker to be eligible for this

    Curious is it really - jobseeker = $600 per f/n Vs disaster payment $600 per week?


      Thanks, Yes just received a sms today that I was a close contact which made things worse. Can’t even go outside now. There’s so much conflict with job seeker, only suggestions on Service NSW is not have job seeker when applying for anything else.

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        Sorry to hear.. hope it all works out ok for you.

        Wonder how long it would take to reapply for jobseeker if you cancelled and needed it after the disaster payments are pulled.

        Re: The grant..

        Non-employing businesses are not eligible to apply if persons associated with the business, and who derive income from it, have applied for, or are receiving, the Commonwealth COVID-19 Disaster Payment.


    There was another forum post asking this last week.


    I think you need an accountant.

    But i guess the question is was your business still operating as of June 1?

    second question

    If you're eligible for the $15,000 grant, to receive the full amount, you must submit evidence that you experienced the relevant decline in turnover in the specified period.

    Would you have made $15,000 in the time frame.

    It would be tough to prove you're running a business making that sort of money and yet be eligible for jobseeker.
    Most likely they'll ask you to pay it back at the end of the year if it gets paid as wages and you end up above the threshold.


      I have stopped operating on the 15th June, so there’s a huge comparison from last period it’s pretty much 100% drop actually. Which should suffice the entire grant, Service NSW deposits $10500 then remaining $4500 separately for some reason. They will check your Abn bass and tax returns.


        If the business is not operating why would you get a grant? The grant is presumably to help businesses stay afloat. But if yours is already wound up it isn't needed to stay afloat?


        that is the wrong terminology- you mean the business is no longer able to return a profit
        definitely do not tell them the business is no longer operating
        use as much positive description about the potential for the business to prosper in the future
        and make out that is is your dream business and you have poured your heart and soul into it
        people are doing crowd fundng as well….if the government possibly reject your claim - look at the other options and talked to the ombudsman about your rights to have the application checked over

        Remember the government is paid by us - the tax payer
        we are not the victims - unless we avoid making the most of every situation that is available to us…..there is no need for anyone to feel guilty - we have businesses who have made millions out of the 2020/21 struggle - and at the same time the same businesses received 12 billion in Job Keeper - that they did not need….Highway robbery
        They do not care at all….next time I can get a free 50inch TV from HN or JB - I will grab it!


    Because I qualify and ticked every eligibility for the grant, as long you don’t receiving any other income support once canceled. I don’t see doing anything wrong with this, and if you are forced to not operate within a hotspot but still can but after been close contact as well, that’s not my fault, we are all struggling mate.

    I don’t think operating or not as the only real requirement is that your turn over has declined because effected from COVID19 and turn over is substantially reduced within those two weeks and earning over the threshold.