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[PC] DRM-free - Free - Return to Mysterious Island (was $11.50) - Indiegala


Another freebie from Indiegala - this one is a new one. The game is rated "very positive" on Steam.

Steam page (for info ONLY): https://store.steampowered.com/app/277110/Return_to_Mysterio...

From the website:

Join intrepid sailor and recent island castaway Mina as she explores the hidden secrets within the Jules Verne classic inspired Mysterious Island. Gather key articles left from the island’s previous inhabitants and combine them in unique and interesting ways to stay alive and stay hopeful for rescue. Surviving means more than living off this lush land, but also fending off the haunting resident specter and solving the islands deepest secrets!


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    Just note that this game does not support 64bit cpus……

    As per specs noted on steam.. I know some people never check the specs before purchasing.


      Game was released in 2004. I Installed the game and had no problems playing it on the latest Windows 10 PRO 64-bit with Intel 64-bit processor. Just had to install it using the Indiegala client software. As the web download is broken.