Visible Gap at Wall Joint (Plasterboard) - How to Fix It?

So some wall joints above kitchen cabinets are widening and visible now. Pls see pic below…

Is there anyway to fix this? Should this be DYI or need professional?


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    I think you can get away with just filling it with gap filler as above

    But if you want to go above and beyond, I would suggest
    1. Finding a thing backing rod and filling it in the gap first
    2. Then applying the no more gaps

    The alternative to this, is if you use joint compound, fibreglass mesh tape, and fill the gaps in with joint compound. I'm not sure which method is better.

    Maybe someone else can advise. The second method is definitely more time taking haha

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    Have you got a handy friend?

    I'm only asking because if you don't know what product you need then I suspect your handyman skills are lacking also.

    Better off leaving it as it is rather than doing a shitty job.

    No more gaps is not complex but there is a visible difference between a hack job and a good job.

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    This is a little bit more serious than filling the gap with some sort of flexible sealant.

    You first need to know what has happened and why.

    It appears that the wall on the right has moved as it has separated from the left wall and cornice.

    What part of Melbourne do you live?

    What is the soil classification there?

    Is your house built on clay?

    How old is the house and what type of footing system does it have?

    What is happening on the other side of the wall?

    To do a temporary "hide" of the gap, i would suggest a scotia or quad in the corner of the walls, then a bit of gap filler between the cornice and wall, horizontally only.

    Do not fill with a joint compound, it will only crack again. Internals should always have a flexible sealant.

    Licensed Builder and Carpenter

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      Can you please be our resident structural advisor on ozbargain? Thanks.

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        I can provide my opinion what I believe could be the causes and rectifications needed for repairs as long as i have more photos and a bit of information I can do my best.

        Happy to help anybody that needs it.

        Bring it on.


          Wowzer… I've the same problem at my house too but can't get proper advise on who can fix it. I called a handyman once and he said it's a builders job, I called the builder but he is no longer responding since the house is out of warranty. The house was newly built in 2011.

          Can you please let me know who I should reach out to? I have zero handyman skills so not wanting to do it by myself. Any tips/direction is appreciated.


      Thanks for detailed response. House is in western part of Melbourne. Soil classification and clay not sure as this is 10yr old house and bought couple of years back. Its on concrete floor so assume won't be any footings.

      Here are more pics….

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        I don’t think that they are wall joints as such and they are “fillers” to hide the void above the cupboards. The actual wall is is behind the fridge and the back of the tall cupboard. There is also a possibility of a gap behind the overhead cupboard above the fridge. If so that cupboard is attached to the panel on the left of the fridge. So that area might be a starting place to check what is going on.


          Yes correct it is a bulkhead.

          Still needs a plasterer to attend to reinforce the loose plasterboard and he should be able to remove and reinstate the overhead cupboard above the fridge.

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    What adodowd said. You can fill it, but it’d Ben worth working out what caused it too.