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Free Coffee Grinder with Bellezza Coffee Machine Purchase + More Deals @ Dipacci


Deal 1 - Free GSP Grinder with any Bellezza Coffee Machine

  • Simply choose your Bellezza Machine
  • Add your Precision GSP in Black or White
  • Use code CS-FREEGSP on checkout to get your grinder for free

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Precision GSP Coffee Grinder

Deal 2 - Free Coffee Distributor with any Precision Grinder

  • Simply choose your Precision Grinder (electric grinders only)
  • Add your Precision Coffee Distributor to cart
  • Use code CS-CD on checkout to get the distributor for free

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Precision Distributor

Deal 3 - Free Glass Coffee Container when you buy Coffee (3kg or more)

  • Simply add Coffee (3kg or more) to your cart
  • Add your Precision Glass Coffee Container
  • Use code CS-GCC on checkout to get the Glass Coffee Container for free

Dipacci Coffee Blends
Precision Glass Container

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  • +3 votes

    No name Chinese coffee grinder https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32896363457.html?spm=a2g0o.p...

    The one you get for free comes with a smaller hopper than the AliExpress one and is probably worth $120 and not the $549 retail price on the website.

    You're better off getting a Eureka grinder, much better quality and warranty.


      Also Dipacci website claims 250w motor and 250g hopper.

      The precision website says https://precisioncoffeetools.com/products/gsp-espresso-on-de... 200w motor and 500g hopper.

      • -4 votes

        I don't see that information. It's the same. GSP
        There is a budget for everyone, not everyone can afford a $849 - $1,499 grinder.

        • +9 votes

          Nice try but internet history doesn't lie.


          • +3 votes

            @Pikaloo: Also the Eureka on-demand costs $450-550.

            • -4 votes

              @Pikaloo: True, but for the price the 50mm Flat Burrs are on the slower side.
              Don't get me wrong they produce some nice consistent grounds.

              • +7 votes

                @dipaccicoffeeco: Better than the Chinese one. Overall probably won't recommend buying from this company. They didn't just say oh that website had a mistake and they've changed it. They changed it after I posted it and said 'Oh I don't see what you're talking about'.

                • -8 votes

                  @Pikaloo: Thanks for the feedback, I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe if you visited one of our showrooms you would experience our excellent service and amazing range of coffee products.
                  Have a great day

                • +5 votes

                  @Pikaloo: Scum move dipacci.
                  Negging this poster, yes op: you. For being dodgy.
                  Won't be buying my supplies from this business.


    We provide 1 Year Warranty on each product (Espresso Machine & Grinder) and we are a Service Centre for most brands of coffee machine and grinders.

    • +1 vote

      What machines do you actually service?? Going off your website these are the ones you don't

      We do not service these brands: Jura, Gaggia,tanium, Saeco, Miele, Sunbeam, Breville, De Longhi, Krups, Illy, Nespresso, All Gaggia manual models


    Because we don't sell any of those appliances we specialise in real Espresso Machines that are made in Italy, Germany & Spain.
    Here is a few brands we do sell and service. ACM, ECM, Wega, Eureka, Mahlkonig, Bezzera, Bellezza, Isomac, Orchestrale, Ascaso, Quick Mill, Melitta, Nouva Simonelli, Rancilio, Moccamaster, Rocket, Victoria Arduino, La Marzocco, Kees Van Der Westen, Faema, Synesso, Astoria, Slayer etc.

    • +2 votes

      Bellezza are made in China, so your comment is disingenuous at best


        Actually the machines are designed and the materials are sourced from Germany and Assembled in China.
        Exactly like how Apple iPhones are Designed in California & Assembled in China.
        Thank you

        • +2 votes

          So you're saying the steel is from Germany and they process the steel and make it into a espresso machine in China. Got it.

          Slayer is also made in USA and not any of the 3 countries you had listed, unless you edit your comment.

        • +1 vote

          No one thinks that iPhones are made in USA, nor does Apple try to hide this fact

          Much like your "free" Precision Gsp grinder that has the Italian flag on the side of it, and the Bellezza machine with a "Progettato in Heidelberg" badge on it (translated to "Designed in Heidelberg" - which is in Germany, but it is written in Italian??) You're being disingenuous and trying to compare these machines with propper made in Italy/Europe machines

  • +4 votes

    Not a fan of this company. They flood Gumtree and FB Marketplace with their listings for over priced used coffee machines (more than 2000 listings on Gumtree!). Makes it harder to find machines from private sellers. Their listings are especially annoying, they all start with "Wow look what has just landed in our showroom".


      My complaint also. Sadly, with no way to filter out their content, I have given up on using gumtree for coffee related things…