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Image Infrared Picture Heater 600W Free Wireless Thermostat $251.30 (Was $359) Delivered @ Energywisechoice eBay


The new outstanding 600W image infrared heater from Energy Wise Choice creates a real wellness feeling and ensures the most comfortable heating experience. It also gives the room new shine and colour with its printed graphic design surface.
Early Bird Price, heat and deco your home or office.etc

Customer from OZ Bargain(Place order with message), 1pc wireless thermostat as a free gift!!!!
Thank you

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    Looks very small.

    Wattage (w): 600
    Product Weight (kg): 6.0
    Size (mm): 100 x 600 x 22mm (WxHxD)


      The image states the dimensions as 600 x 1000. Likely the 100 was a typo


      We've updated the listing, the heater size is 1000x600x22mm, thank you


    Never heard of these kind of heaters? Any good?


      You mileage may vary:


      A relative had Thermal Storage installed - expensive! ~$1500 - but they draw energy off peak, like an electric HWS. His house is always warm in winter, and heating costs he says are down:


      We went the other way, 10kWh solar storage & use A/C for heating - extremely efficient. Sub zero not uncommon in winter where we live.

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        wouldn't it be better to just get an AC? AC is about 4-5 times more efficient than a storage heater, and peak power doesn't usually cost 4 times more than off-peak.


          That was what I decided a few years back. Combined with Solar PV and now a storage battery it is extremely efficient.

          FYI, the AC in our den with 3m ceiling draws 625W, outside temp >= 5c, full pelt, set to 24c.

          STarts getting inefficient when outside temp drops below 4c, although the most recent we installed in a big room (Mitsubishi) claims to be very efficient down to 3c (outside).



          A heater like this is exactly 100% energy efficient.

          Reverse cycle AC can be up to 600% efficient under ideal conditions, but realistically it's probably about 300-400% energy efficient.

          Another interesting method, especially if your house gets damp in winter, is using a dehumidifier as a small heater. It's around ~150% energy efficient depending on the relative humidity, keeps your home dry and prevents condensation.


      They're good for heating your pictures :)


        Thank you, we also have other two picture heater for option.
        You can go to our shop and have a look.


    Carefully omitted the power cable in the pics.
    Not sure if 600w will give you much heat though


      Claims are that all energy in is converted to heat.

      Most other types of heating have significant energy losses, from my reading. According to Choice A/C is the most efficient.


      The heater have 1.9 cable with Australia Plug.
      Just plug in and the heater works.
      We recommend to use with thermostat, save money and energy.
      600W can heat 6-8 square meters.
      Or use it with stand feet, move it where you need it.