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Victorinox Swibo Cooks Carving Knife 31cm Heavy Stiff Blade Yellow $45 + Delivery @ Mega Boutique


Big long knife, good for the incoming extended lockdowns.

Victorinox Swibo Chefs Carving Knife features a stiff 31cm high carbon stainless steel blade with ergonomic handle. Famous for their signature yellow handles, these professional knives are renowned for their quality and value, commonly used in both butchers and commercial kitchens throughout the world.

These bright handles are injection moulded and sealed onto the polished high grade stainless steel blade. They are comfortable and non-slip, with no micro-pores or cracks for hygiene and sterilisation purposes as well as dishwasher safe for easy day to day use.

These knives provide superior handling and cutting strength, with long life durability making it the ideal choice among specialists.

Key Features:

High carbon stainless steel
Rockwell rated 56-58
Brightly coloured handles, extremely safe
Heavy stiff blade 31cm
Dishwasher safe
Made in Switzerland
Lifetime Warranty

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    4 fingers left from the steak knifes
    Let’s do this! (+$10 postage, nah I’m out sorry)


    Does anyone else feel like this might be too long for daily use? (no pun intended)


      Might be downright dangerous for some


      … it does say it's a carving knife. An excellent size IMO for cutting into roasts etc.

      Also you can better leverage power when cutting harder foods such as pumpkin.

      I would add (being in the industry & used virtually 1000s+ of knives/no joke) that these are truly EXCELLENT knives, very durable and sharpen up extremely well.

      Just for one example, I'd take these over Global every-single-time.

      Well done Yaren'.


    What does "lifetime warranty" mean in Australia?
    We bought a Circulon pots set, with a lifetime warranty, but hardly usable after 2.5 years :(

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      Apparently it means guaranteed trough the life of the product, when they break amen no life no guarantee


      Can't say what the warranty means but I have the ~21cm version of this knife and have been very happy with it.

      It's around 18 years old now and still performs well. A bit thinner than it used to be from being sharpened over the years but still a great knife.


        Thanks. I'm interested in your sharpener then.
        In our home country, we usually use some kind of stone (which has shape like a brick) to sharpen knives. Here in Aus I bought a sharpener from Ikea, tried to look for the guides on the internet, but still seem that I couldn't use that sharpener to sharpen our knives.


          I should say first that I'm no expert on sharpening knives. I taught myself after I sent a knife in to be professionally sharpened and they butchered it (pardon the pun). Decided I'd rather do it myself than hand it over to someone who doesn't care.

          Watched some videos on how to do it, bought a whetstone and just gave it a go.

          The stone is like you described, shaped a bit like a brick with one side that's quite coarse (250 grit) and the other that's more smooth (1000). If I keep on top of the maintenance I only really need to use the 1000 side and it gets sharp enough to easily slice through paper.

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    Notice this not a traditional 20cm chef knife, this is HUGE

    • +1 vote

      Agreed! For lockdown? More like the coming zombie apocalypse.


    The choice of serial killers everywhere!