Subaru Forester Cost to Fix - "Neutral Switch Input Circuit Low"


Another problem with my Subaru Forester sigh "(Neutral Switch Input Circuit Low" came up on the OBD Scan-

Anyone known how much would I expect to pay? Wouldn't mind if it was roughly $700 or so.

I can do simple things like replace spark plugs, etc- is this something I can fix myself using YouTube - what I've so far got on Google search is

I do like fixing things myself - so wouldn't mind spending a weekend doing it but then don't want to stuff it up ah. In terms of my car- it runs ok no issues with gears.




    I would guess that procedure could be done by a mechanic within an hour. Call it two because they've probably not done it before and I have no idea how many pieces need to be removed to access those parts.

    It's not clear exactly how "special" the special tool is. If it's just a pin to hold something in place, you might be able to use a screwdriver or similar.


    The complete lack of details on the vehicle makes it very hard to say how much it would cost, or what it would take to do.


    If it isn't too urgent, have you tried asking in a Facebook (or other platform's) owners club / enthusiasts page?
    There's a lot of really knowledgeable people out there who may be able to point you towards a simple solution


    Looks pretty simple and should take you about 2 hours maximum. The alignment tool looks like a cut down pin punch, you could get a set for $18 and they will come in handy in the future. loosen a few 10mm nuts on the switch and 12mm(?) nuts on the cable to adjust, easy peasey.

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    Other than a code are there other symptoms?

    Could be a switch replacement, could be a wiring issue. Switch could be easy or hard to replace depending where it is in the car. Wiring problem could take ages to hunt down.