Free Software to Remotely Control Android Phone

Can someone please suggest any free software to remotely control android phone located overseas from pc or phone from Australia . I have tried team viewer and it fails many times. I googled but many are paid ones. Any other free software where I can remotely control. I don’t want jailbreak the Android phone. Thanks in advance.



    What are you gaining from controlling that specific phone remotely?


      Thanks for quick reply. This is to support my mom phone. She is old and at present staying alone. Any suggestions on software.

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    I use Team Viewer to help my mum… getting her to install it was the hardest bit as I wasn't able to do it myself


      Yes. For some reason it is disconnected many times. Reinstalled few times and same issue. Any other software suggestions.


        Maybe investigate why it disconnects frequently? Works flawlessly for me…

        There was some additional thing we needed to install for her phone as it was a Sony. But from memory that wasn't necessary for the Samsung tablet