Do The Companies Like GoFundMe Build Their Own Money Processing Systems?

I was just wondering do the companies like GoFundMe make their own processing system? as they charge some X amount of transaction or donation processing fee. Do they use subscription based platforms or just develop one?

So lets say, you want to create a charity organisation and want a system through which you can receive charities or donations what system would you choose or just build one?

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    In general companies will do better sticking to their core business purpose. If your business is the effective collection of money for charity, then you should use a dedicated payments processor to handle your payments, and focus your attention on the business purpose.

    Most companies use third party payment processors. It is not an easy thing to just code yourself. Lots of variables and risks.


    GofundmecuzUSA! uses paypal?


    Yeh I would say 99% of companies use external providers for payment processing. There are a lot of legal and compliance issues that differs country to country for payment processing - its a massive barrier to entry for most companies. Payment companies like Stripe/Square/PayPal have all the tools and documentation in place for these companies to leverage and makes supporting payments super easy.

    On the other side - Stripe/Square/PayPal will just charge those companies fees to use their service. Things like 2% per CC transaction, another % or flat fee for validation of credit cards (if you are using it for some kind of reservation/booking system)