New Mobile Numbers after Activation

Anyone know of any mobile providers that it is easy and does not cost much to change mobile numbers once activated?
Use case maybe because after a while spam sms / calls are received, or maybe we just want a new number.
Postpaid or prepaid suggestions are fine.


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    What do you mean? Just buy a starter pack from any service provider, activate it and you'll get a new number.


    but then i need to do another ID check and change plans.

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      It takes 5 minutes. What plan are you on now?

      Sim slutting is usually always cheaper.


      Best to ask your current Telco, but I'm pretty sure you just buy a $2 sim from your current Telco, tell them you want to move your account onto the new sim/number. And yes and changes to your account requires an ID check (usually drivers licence number).


      thanks it seems Telstra is the way to go.


    I had lot of spam calls with a number issued by Gomo. They changed it no problem. Should be the same with all telcos.


    You can change numbers with Aldi mobile free of charge after activation.


      thanks zippy