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[Switch] Sports Party $9.99 @ Nintendo eShop


80% off , matching all time low again. Enjoy some sports at home during lockdown

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  • Great for the Olympic period with lockdown restrictions.

    • If you can find that many players

  • Is this good for casual lounge room multi player?
    My benchmark would be wii sports for its ability to get grandma playing tennis against a 6yro etc.

    • +1

      Yes the kids love it

  • Has a lot of average reviews, but might be worth $10

  • +2

    After watching the gameplay on YouTube, I will give this a pass.

  • Poor reviews

  • Buying this for the kids

  • A replacement for Wii Tennis?

    • +9

      Nothing can replace Wii Tennis.

      • -4

        How about sex with Pamela Anderson?

        • In wii tennis you hit balls with a racquet, not someone’s chin

  • Can you play this on the Switch Lite?

  • I’m a fan of wii golf. Is this any good?

  • +1
    • Probably still worth it for the kids at this price. Even if it gets boring quickly, it’s only $10 and should help keeping everyone moving when in lockdown.

      • Changed my take on this after firing up the game. Complete rubbish. Feels like a free game you can play online with half decent graphics but very limited control options. Super boring.

  • I would feel ripped off if I got this game for 99c. It's terrible.

    Feel free to give it a go if you have young kids and they dont have the experience of Wii Sports in their memory.

  • Just bought the game. Controls abit clunky but overall pretty good game for $10.

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