Opinions on Kogan 34 Inch Ultrawide USB-C Monitor

Are there any owners of this monitor from Kogan?

I'm currently using a 30 inch non-widescreen Dell monitor for working from home which I split into 4 to view 4 applications at once. I would like to replace this and just use an ultrawide monitor split in 2.

I was looking at the ultrawide monitor from Xiaomi that everyone seems to love but I realised that I would prefer to have a USB-C monitor so I can get rid of my dock. My laptop should be fine with 65W of power. I'm not a big gamer but might like to play some old games like Portal 2 on this.

Most of the "Kogan" reviews seem pretty positive. Anyone on Ozbargain currently using one of these? This price is in my budget so I don't need to try and wait for a cheaper deal. All other ultrawide USB-C monitors appear to be $800+. I've seen some from Samsung/Dell/Philips/LG. Any other brands I should look at?

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    I've been keeping an eye on this one. I'm currently still using a 24" 1080p 120hz since the majority of USB-C dongles can't really go past HDMI 1.4 (and yes I've tried the new ones that supposedly use DSC to achieve HDMI 2.0 but haven't had much luck)
    I would need to get a genuine thunderbolt dock ($300+) to run an ultrawide at its native resolution. There are a few options in the $150 to $250 range, but all of them use DisplayLink 🤮🤮
    While this is more expensive, the value proposition seems promising, $100 for no fuss one cable solution. I'm in the same boat as OP and would love to read actual reviews on this particular unit/panel



    I'm so conflicted - I have an Xiaomi 34" that I do PBP via 2xHDMI (can't use software based window management because I use 'remote' [mstsc] programs) and I find it great however just got a new laptop (has HDMI + USB-C TB4) about a month or two ago and it would be great to use 1 USB-C cable for PD+video so even if I got the monitor I would still need 2 cables for PBP.

    I need a little more convincing to take the plunge and get something from Kogan as well lol.


      Get a display port with pd to USBC cable, I can get 120hz and power on the cable


    I'm not a big gamer

    Why do you want a 144hz curved ultrawide if you arent gaming?
    Would've thought a non curved 4k 30" would be better for productivity. The extra vertical pixels really help.

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      I use my laptop alongside the monitor and I find that I much prefer not using the upper half of the tall monitor because it requires me to shift my gaze up.
      I'm trying to emulate two horizontal monitors plus my laptop screen, same as my set up in the office.


        This isn't the same as two horizontal monitors, it's a 27" screen that's about 33% wider, if you split it into 2 it'll pretty much be 2 squares (1.2:1).

        If it's 2x24" screens that you're trying to emulate, they are pretty rare to find a curved one or very expensive, like this - https://www.mwave.com.au/product/asus-rog-strix-xg43vq-43-su...

        Personally, I just bought two screens and a monitor arm for working at home. By far the cheapest option.


          Thanks. I understand that they aren't exactly comparable. In the same way that my 30 inch isn't comparable to four smaller monitors. But the horizontal resolution of this 34 inch is still greater than my current set up and, for me, a good compromise that can render applications side by side without needing the space for two separate monitors and isn't crazy expensive.

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    A red flag was raised immediately as soon as I read "Opinions on Kogan…"


    Also interested but "Kogan" reputation is holding me back


    Anyone know if it's just another monitor re-branded? Maybe that will led us to more reviews.


    I received this monitor today and while it's working great in Windows on my PC I'm having trouble getting close to native resolution on my MBP using the USB-C connection. I can use HDMI and hit [email protected] but I should be able to hit that or better through USB-C.

    I suspect the reason might be the build-in USB hub, from what I read on similar monitors this functionality can be disabled/reduced to USB 2.0 to provide additional bandwidth for display but such an option doesn't appear to be present on this display.

    I can't just get a USB-C to DP cable to connect my Mac otherwise then I'd have to wrangle cables everytime I want to switch between my PC and Mac so the only option is to run at 50Hz over HDMI or try and get it working better through USB-C some-how. I still need to grab a USB-C to HDMI 2.0 adapter to see if that helps!

    All of that said it's really nice in Windows ;)

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      Thanks for the info. Could your MBP issues be software related?

      I would only be using this on Windows for now but I'm interested in the M1 MacBooks so it would be good to know that it works with a MBP.


        Could very well be - external displays on Mac is so hit and miss! I was originally thinking of getting a 4k display but I've heard horrible things about how unlucky you can get with scaling.

        I ended up picking up at USB-C to HDMI 2.0 cable today for $20 and that solved all my issues to a state that I'm happy with ([email protected]) - I believe that's the most I can get out of 2.0 before HDMI 2.1 and the display doesn't support that anyway. I'm not gaming on the MBP side so 100Hz is totally acceptable!


          How are you finding the monitor other then the MBP setup.

          In current climate I don't think I'm going to find something that is QHD or 4K that is 34" for around the same price so I might just have to hire the bullet.

          I'm already using 100Hz on my Xiaomi 34" that got smashed so don't really need any

          The three key features I was looking at were qhd and above, USB-c with video/60w+ pd, and also 34" minimum.

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            @parker2004au: Everything else is fantastic - calibrating the colours to within reasonable to the IPS I've got next to it wasn't too bad.

            Assume everything is great but here is a nit-pick list that if nothing here bothers you I think you'll be in for a great time:
            * USB-C Video issue with my MBP (not sure about PC, haven't tried that via USB-C) - Solved this with a USB-C to HDMI 2.0 cable.
            * Limited inputs (1x HDMI, 1x DP, 1x USB-C).
            * The metal stand quality is nice but it has no height adjustment.
            * If you care about DDC/CI for switching display inputs (e.g. virtual KVM). The monitor only appears to accept DDC/CI commands for the current input that it is on.

            I'm happy with the 1000R curve, 3440x1440 @ 34" is a nice density on my eyes.

            Between this and the Xiaomi 34" was a very knife-edge toss up for me but I ended up going with this as I read it was a newer panel (that and a more pronounced curve). The Xiaomi def. has more inputs (excluding USB-C) and I believe it's stand is height adjustable.

            I hope the above helps! :)


      @JamesBrooks - one thing I overlooked was USB-C resolution specs note - just checking you only get FHD via USB-C and not QHD?

      3440 × 1440 @100hz (HDMI),
      3440 × 1440 @144hz (Display Port),
      2560 x 1080 @ 60hz (USB-C)


        That looks close enough - I believe via USB-C I was getting [email protected] which was stretched and disgusting. HDMI 2.0 cable is still the winner for me connecting MBP with the DP used for my desktop.