BlackVue DR750X Died, Any Troubleshooting Advice?

I bought a Blackvue 750X dashcam in March. Worked fine until July, now it seems to have died. I have two major issues.

First issue, any advice from blackvue users here? Here has been my process so far after the pleasant Blacvue lady reported 'no sd card' when it had the blackvue 32gb card fitted and then seemingly completely died:

Here is the troubleshooting I have attempted:
1. Ordered another SD card and tried that in dashcam, does not power on.
2. Used USB cable to power, does not power on, with either SD card.
3. Used 12 volt cigarette power cable to test, does not power on, with either SD card.
4. Plugged dashcam into PC via USB cable as per Blackvue troubleshooting instructions, does not power on or read microSD card.
5. Used a microSD USB adaptor to read blackvue SD card and PC-based blackvue viewer software. It shows the last time footage recorded July 13 at approximately 11am.
6. Blackvue viewer software cannot format blackvue microSD card, returns an error.
7. Formatted new SD card with Blackvue viewer software and installed latest firmware as per blackvue troubleshooting instructions, dashcam does not power on.

Second issue, is the no contact from the shop, that I bought it from. I emailed them over the weekend as they have a very clear returns process that indicates they need to provide an RMA number first.

I've followed up twice now. Still waiting for a response. Should I be concerned about the 5 days that have lapsed? They seem like a legitimate store. I will be extremely annoyed if I get no response from their support process on a $550 purchase. I am not sure if I can escalate via Paypal as it doesn't seem to fit in their dispute process.

Thx in advance!

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    Are you genuinely seeking advice or is this a blog post?


      Needs help. So both

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    Contact Blackvue direct. Their customer service is excellent from my experience

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    Put in a Warranty claim. Blackvue should send you a replacement once you put in the form etc and provide receipt.

    Are you in a hot climate.. My last 650 I think was susceptible to failure in hot weather. They replaced it. The camera gets very hot in summer

    The SD cards die after awhile. You will go through slot of those. Goes through alot of read and rights. The non Blackvue onces like SandDisk can work, but fail just as much. But at least a bit cheaper than the Black ones.

    And the lady in the black vue camera is annoying

    Good luck


      Thank you.

      SportGPS has responded and they suggested I try powering up without SD card inserted, it does power up. So that should be the first step for any blackvue troubleshooting!

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    Maybe next time spending $120 on the viofo so you can just chuckle when it dies.
    i had bought at least 4 cheap chinese dashcam and they are all alive til now, capacitor or lithium doesn't mater. 2 of them sitting in summer sun every afternoon ever since and the lithium battery hasn't popped yet.
    Enough for the lecture, write to blackvue telling them that it's unacceptable for a $550 dashcam to die after one year and demand a replacement. Just don't listen to their troubleshooting crap, just tell them been there done that.