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Any 6 Wines from Select Range for $99 + Delivery @ Dan Murphy's


Pick 6 wines for just $99^! Stock up the cellar for a new season of wine sipping today.
^T&Cs apply.

Out of stock - Just bought 6 bottles of MV3A The Album Reserve Shiraz 2018 for $99 + $6.90 delivery. Saving $357.00

Expert review - Sam Kim:
Immensely powerful and rich, while remaining graceful and structured, the wine shows blackberry, blueberry compote, mulberry, game, cedar and vanilla characters on the nose, leading to a superbly weighted palate that is intensely flavoured and persistent. It is rich and opulent with plush texture and silky tannins, finishing impressively long and delicious. At its best: 2022 to 2035.

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  • +1

    Where is the catch? Why are they giving away 6 for the price of one?

    • +1

      buy now think later

    • Too good to be true

      • Time will tell, had $30 gift voucher handy so it was a no brainer for me.

  • +5

    Mods are on fire tonight - they improved the slightly misleading title in lightning speed.

  • +2

    Coming up as unavailable for delivery…

  • +1

    All sold out or Dan realised the pricing error he made.

    • Worked for me

  • That got hit quick. I was on to it in a couple mins. Missed the top two, but got the next two

  • +1

    Thanks OP — got in just before the fix…see what happens…

  • Missed out on the good (or rather expensive) ones :-(

    • Gotta settle for whats left, still a good deal for the ~$30 bottles

  • +15

    What a scam, that's ACCC worthy. Shows available for delivery, you add to cart, then not available for delivery. Go back to previous page, still shows available for delivery.

    • +2

      Wasted like 10 minutes of my life because of that really.

      • +2

        relax have a glass of wine

    • Agree, frustrating really, not just the MV3A The Album Reserve Shiraz 2018 for $99, but including the next one down the list Hare's Chase.

  • +1

    Worked for me, got the Single Vineyard Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

    • that's the cheap stuff compared to the MV3A

      • +1

        MV3A is well and truly gone. Still 6 x $30 bottles for $100, I'll take that.

        • Looks like there's more stock now, I just bought 6 x MV3A

  • +1

    Yeah, missed out. Feel like it's a scam for most to waste time and feel pressured into buying sub-par left over wines. I'd like to know from the people who got the MV3A if it's worth the so called RRP.

    • +1

      Try doing a wine tour/tasting. Some of the more expensive wines, like $150 a bottle, didn’t impress me or my friends. We actually preferred the taste of the cheaper wines. It’s all subjective.

    • My suspect is they wanted to sell that, if not why mixing together one wine worth 77 and all the others around 30? To have people diving on the 77 one

    • +3

      Who exactly is pressuring you?

  • Maverick Silk Road also gone from all locations and delivery

  • +2

    Most of these wine were lots cheaper last year during their underwrap presale. I got millennium estate for about $15 a bottle and Heske for less than $10 a bottle.

  • 6 X Mv3a The Album Reserve Shiraz 2018 is still available. Managed to snare 6 delivered this morning.

  • -1

    People would buy anything on here that says rrp$80, now $16.5

    It's so funny.

    Funny how you won't see this sell at the RRP anywhere, great market tactics. However, it's probably worth the current price.

    • I've tried the Mclaren Vale Giant Squid ink previously and given the price I'm willing to try the Album Shiraz. Coincedently the 2019 Album Shiraz is sold out on the mclaren vale website and that was selling for $80 each.


    • Any MV shiraz at that price point is a great buy IMHO.

  • 3.9 rating on Vivino

    • Is that usually a good indication?

      • Anything 4.0 or above on Vivino and the platform will let you promote/sell the wine through them.

      • It is a decent rating

      • It is a decent rating

  • this has ended? I select 6 of a wine and not available. Their website has dreadful updating.

  • Seems like MV3A is back in stock was able to purchase a case.

    • yes it's back in stock but whatever number I add it then says not available for delivery. So annoying

  • +1

    only 4 bottles available if i remove the 2 extra i lose the discount arrghh

  • +1

    6 x MV3A - shipped… cheers OP

    • Yep, mine too! Will wait till next year to let it mature

  • Mine arrived today. 2019 MV3A instead of the 2018.not sure if that is a better year though.

    • yep mine is also 2019….

    • yep sounds like they are all 2019. I intend to keep them till next year. If anyone tried them already how are they?

    • I see I am not the only one. 2019 delivered to me this morning.

  • I order 3 X Mv3a and 3 X Honeywood Estate Margaret River Chardies , and got 3* Honeywoods but not the Mv3as but 3* 2017 Coles Farm Clare Valley shiraz delivered, wondering if Dan grants in the 6 for $99 deal the right to swap out what you ordered for what they have in the warehouse?

    • At least you got something - mine hasn’t arrived yet…

    • Well I got $79 back due to incorrect order and I could keep the coles farm. So basically for $20 I got 6 bottles of wine.

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