Recommendation for Full Size Cherry Red Silent Keyboard

Hey guys

Does anyone have any recommendations for a Cherry red silent full size keyboard?
There are so many brands out there I'm not sure what to recommend my brother.
Budget is up to $300 as a business expense.
He wants black and rgb.

If anyone has any recommendations I'd appreciate it.



    Does it need to be Cherry switches?

    If not, the Red switch equivalent of the Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless might be a good option:

    I'm using the tactile version (Brown equivalent) and its so satisfying to type on.


      Does this use the Logitech unifying receiver?

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        It has the usb receiver if you want to use the Lightspeed wireless, but it also supports bluetooth. So if you have more than one device, its super convenient to be able to switch between the two using the button on the keyboard.


      browns are the best


    My personal fav. for a silent pre-built would be the Leopold FC900R or FC980M whenever they get them in stock at mwave with silent reds and foam dampener within the case itself… No RGB though.

    If you must have them RGB's with Cherry silent reds, perhaps a Ducky or Vamilo are good alternatives.

    You could also try try the route of going for a glorious gmmk full size (with the switches and keycaps) them swap the switches out with some silent ones from dailyclack/switchkeys/allcaps/customkbd but you might go out of budget quite quickly down this custom route but if you buy within an australian store, then at least you would have the tax invoice to claim the expense back.


    Thanks guys, I'll check these out