www.vdwcx.shop anyone used them, are they a scam?

Hi, anyone else used this shop to purchase www.vdwcx.shop?

I was looking at adjustable dumbbells and this price seems too good to be true for approx $30 https://www.vdwcx.shop/products/1599-2032kg-dumbbell-adjusta...

They have PayPal, so I would be covered, just wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with them.


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    Ooh a popup showed me all iteams are 10% off with coupon…

    Yeah… you really think this site is any way legit?

    Contact us is an email


    Domain Name: VDWCX.SHOP
    Creation Date: 2021-05-21
    Registry Expiry Date: 2022-05-21
    Registrant Country: CN (China)

    90% off the original price
    All products are shipped from USA!

    Nothing fishy here….go for it!


    LOL… shipping 32kg for $9.99 USD

    i would lean towards dodgy

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    looks suss as

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    Domain was registered about a month ago.
    About Us page has another company name on it, and claims to have started in 2016.
    Contact Us has a different company again
    Half the navigation links dont work



      Thanks for looking into that, the old saying "too good to be true"


      haha I bet they copied the description without changing the name


      lol they didnt try very hard to conceal themselves.


        Tech savvy individuals are not their target market.

        The same reason your run of the mill online scams use poor spelling and grammar on purpose.


    Just looking at the random jumble of letters as their web address without even clicking into website makes me 99% sure it's not legit

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    this price seems too good to be true

    9% trust rating

    Very bad trust score : Warning, only for experienced users!

    Run away.