Recommend a Wireless Mouse for MacBook Air

I've been using the Magic Mouse and some cheap J Burrows wireless mouse but am looking for a new one. The former was very buggy with batteries and would consistently lose power. The latter just died.

I don't use it for gaming, just regular work stuff. Ideally looking for something less than $50, rechargeable batteries > USB charging, ability to scroll left and right would be great but not necessary.

Any suggestions?



    I am using logitech MK 720 wireless mouse.
    I bought it as a combo with keyboard and mouse and works flawlessly with my mbp

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    IF you can afford it, the Logitech MX Anywhere series is a good productivity mouse

    The Anywhere 3 goes for around $90 but the older generation 2S mouse can be found a little under $50 when on sale. It's currently $77 at Big W but you can price match it at Officeworks to get 5% off.

    The M720 Triathlon mouse is also a decent pick




      can vouch for mx anywhere 2s. really good mouse and I'm happy I got one for the office and one for home (also office right now).

      If your hands are bigger you can also consider mx master series


    Get something Bluetooth so there's no stupid dongle sicking out of your laptop.

    If you want cheap and can wait, then the TeckNet BM306 is decent. Looks like it may have been superseded by the BM308

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    If you're OK with a full size mouse, then I will always recommend the MX Master series. I'm rocking the MX Master 2, connected via Bluetooth.

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    It really depends on the size of your hands and grip… I've been using the MX master 3 with a Mac air .. the Logi options software works fine.

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    Thanks all, apologies if these are dumb questions - looks like the MX Master series gets good reviews - and I think from what I understand it takes up a USB port with the dongle, which is not a deal breaker. Is there a mouse made by Logitech that scrolls left to right, and uses rechargeable batteries?

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      MX Master is also Bluetooth and has side scrolling. Inbuilt battery though.


      Yep MX master is the go. Can do Bluetooth or dongle (in my experience dongle is so much better but I do have the original so I think they fixed the shitty Bluetooth)

      If you get the series 3 you can grab a USB C>USB C or use the laptop charger to charge it up


    I'm using MX Master 2S. I do miss the gestures of the MBA trackpad sometimes though.


    +1 for MX Master series

    Been using them for a very long time and have them paired across my desktop and laptops. So comfortable and easy to program the additional buttons.