Different Colour's in Different Browsers

I have been a hold-out for my Firefox pre-Quantum installation for some time now, mainly because I like my tabs at the bottom of the screen, rather than the top, which the newer FireFox versions force. Very annoying.

After the diabolical add-on fail a couple of years ago, I installed Vivaldi, and so, with a lot of sites breaking in the past month or so (even OzBatgain!) I have decided it's time to move to Vivaldi on a more permanent basis.

I am having some niggling annoyances though.

I noticed the Orange that OzBargain uses is displayed differently in FireFox. than both Vivaldi and Edge. FireFox uses an RGB of 205:103:002, while Vivaldi uses an RGB of 182:109:035 which is a lot less vibrant.

Can anyone explain this? Does anyone have a work-around?


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    I think there are probably more pressing problems to worry about…


      Well … yeah. I did say niggling annoyances though!


    If you view the page source on OzBargain, you will see:

    <meta name="theme-color" content="#cd6702"/>

    This should tell the browser what colour to use.

    If you convert the hex (#cd6702) to RGB, you will get "205, 103, 2". This is the colour you mentioned in your post that Firefox uses.

    I'm not sure why the colour is different in Vivaldi. You could try searching for "colour" in the Vivaldi settings and try making adjustments to test. It could possibly be something like "fade foreground colours".


      Interesting. It must be something to do with Chromium. Opera has the same colour as Vivaldi.

      It could possibly be something like "fade foreground colours".

      There's a checkbox for that, but didn't make a difference. The contrast adjustment didn't do anything either.

      OK … So I just screen-shotted in FireFox, saved a PNG file, and tried loading that PNG file into Vivaldi, and it also showed the duller colour. Same as if I load the PNG into Opera.

      If I open the image in my viewer, it looks like FireFox.

      This is a bit of a stumper, however, it's clearly not an OzBargain issue.

      Thanks for the input.


    Good pick-up. You may have some luck with chrome://flags/ - Force color profile - but even that doesn't seem to prevent Chrome from doing its transforms.


      Yes … after posting on the Vivaldi sub-Reddit, I was advised to try vivaldi://flags to force sRGB, and it has fixed the issue.

      Apparently, it's a known issue with chromium and wide gamut display monitors that Google can't/won't fix out-of-the-box.


    Well, both Vivaldi and Opera are closed-source, so you will never be sure what the hell they are doing in the background, including how webpages are shown.
    Are the colors also distorted on other Chromium based web browsers?

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      Yes. All the chromium browsers I have do this. See above for why.


    Dark mode looks reasonably good on all the browsers, except when viewing your own comments. White text with pale grey outline on a white background is not easy to read. Hope @ozbargain can fix its dark mode compatibility.



      That's indeed very weird. Are you using any dark mode extension, or just use OzBargain's built in dark mode?

      Edit: this is what your own comment should look like in Dark Mode.