Energy Consumption and Prices during Lockdown

Working and studying from home during lockdown, especially during winter, will add a lot of expense to many homes for heating. I expect most people's energy bills will be up. Even those who are not WFH but now unemployed will also have similar issues.

Do you think the state regulators of energy prices should do something about this to provide relief? If the state can impose a moratorium on rent, and other such things, surely they could do this too?

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    Scomos gas led recovery has got you covered!


    LNP love selling off and giving extra money to COAL. Of course no moratorium. Maybe subsidise it = more money for COAL!

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    Energy bills will increase yes, but you can control this.
    Learn live with the cold. Wear a jacket inside the house. Wrap yourself in a blanket.

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    You can claim expenses associated with WFH against your tax, I’ve always claimed a percentage of my power since I work some time from home even prior to covid.

    Also consider what you’re saving in terms of public transport, petrol, parking, getting take away lunch if you were doing any of these prior.

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      But uber eats cost more than takeaway lunch :P