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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Cover w/ S-Pen, Black $39.60 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Galaxy S21 cover with S pen 60% off

Good deal on this

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Any good covers without the s pen

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      Quad Lock, use code 'GPLAMA' for 20% off, worked 10 mins ago - https://www.quadlockcase.com.au/

      • I found Raptic stuff are pretty good if you don't ride a motorcycle

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      I have a spigen liquid air. Pretty good option.

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      UAG Monarch

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      I'm using the Onyx Series by Ringke and it's pretty awesome, I got mine for about $20-$25. It fits tightly, has slight raised edges to protect the front and back (camera), isn't bulky and one of the things I like is the light sandpaper-like feel the sides and back has

  • I've been missing the S-pen on the S21 Ultra having come over from the Note 10+.
    Looks a good price.
    Thanks - bought!

    • What do you use the pen for?

      • It activates the note like app functionality basically. Very useful especially when you want to take screenshot or do some quick markups.

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        Lots of things (for me as a Note user):
        - selecting the text with precision
        - taking notes
        - writing on the screen when you need to send a screenshot with notes/arrows/circles to someone
        - grabbing part of the screen (alternative to full screenshot)
        - remote shutter for camera
        and more.

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          The S21 Ultra S-pen is not connected via bluetooth so it won't be able to function as a remote shutter

          still very useful though for smart-select and writing on screenshots

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            @geotech: Oh wow I didn't know this. So my $8 ebay clone pen is just as good. Best feature about the Note 20+ was the Bluetooth enabled remote camera shutter. I miss that feature :( Hopefully the Galaxy Fold 3 has it

            • @julz: It has Google spoken shutter controls tho

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    Thanks OP bought 2 for me and the bf and coming tomorrow! Noice

  • Can i use this s pen on samsung tab s7 plus?

    • Yes.

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        Great… thanks bought one for my tablet

  • i got one for free in the last deal code SPEN

    • I knew about the code, bought an ultra but forgot to type SPEN in…

  • Love it yessss

  • Thanks OP

    Got one for my much better half

  • Good deal. Paid $66 for mine a while ago.

  • Thank u OP. Ordered one

  • Thanks OP. Got one.
    I've been waiting from 3 months to get this at a right price. I dont think it will go under this price in anytime soon.

  • Would anyone recommend a lcd screen protector for s21 ultra, bought 2 on ebay none of which works well with the fingerprint sensor.

    • I bought this one.

      • Cheers, its hydrogel though, not tempered glass which is more protective against falls.

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          Then you need one like this, but it is very hard to remove.

      • How does that affect the fingerprint

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          It's almost the same as without a screen protector.

  • The Clear View S Pen cover is also on special at JB:


    • Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of user complaints about this cover scuffing the phone screen.

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        Ah damn, I noticed that with my other case too. I get a little grains of dirt in the case and then it just scuffs the screen a lot. Pretty annoying. I didn't have a problem with my it on my old s8 though.

    • Lucky just got good guys to price match this before it dropped of the JB hi Fi website. Worth it for the pen alone.

  • Didn't really need one as I already have Tab S7+ … but couldn't resist this price.. dang!!!

  • Awesome price! Time to use my $5 credit! Thanks. OP!

  • Already OOS damn been waiting for this

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    Oh probably shouldnt buy - must resist! Galaxy Fold 3 due out in a couple weeks so they're probably reducing prices in anticipation of a lot of people upgrading. My $8 ebay S-Pen will do for now

    • What is the link to the $8 s-pen

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    It's OOS indeed, but I've placed an order from JB Hi-Fi still a pretty good deal even including the shipping cost for Express delivery - I ain't going to Westfield to grab it. Cheers!

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    Great price! I have been waiting for this to come down in price. Worth it alone for the S pen at this price. Thanks OP!

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    Got one from the JB Deal - thanks OP!

  • I have this case which is perfect except it attracts a lot of dirt due to the sillicone material.

  • Arrived this afternoon and using the S-pen now. Love it.
    Much better in hand than the Note 10+ stylus which is much smaller.

    • Agree. I thought it was going to be too big but using it feels so much more nicer than the inbuilt Spen.

  • Just got it, stylus is a little longer from note8 and feels really good.