Any Alternative Timber Supplier Other than Bunnings

I'm planning to do a small-scale home improvement with my limited tool selection. I need a few timber/wood boards and studs.
Just wondering if bunnings are the only option for me. or there is any other cheaper source in Sydney


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    I'm sure you can find cheaper than Bunnings. I have a local store in vic with nicer quality for better price.

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    Have you heard of google maps? I'm sure if you search timber supply when the blue dot is in the middle of the screen something will pop up.

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    Northshore Timber
    Blacktown Building Supplies
    Barrenjoey Timber
    Hardware and General

    All are cheaper for certain products/delivery


    There’s lots of timber suppliers. If you can, avoid Bunnings they probably don’t have the best prices or best timber, it’s just convenient.

    My renovation I used a mix. Bunnings when the independent was shut, but independent for most of it. TBH I didn’t check the pricing though, just preferred to support the little guys. It required extra planning to go independent as I often needed to do a run during lunch from work, they shut earlier and weren’t open past lunchtime Saturday on weekend.