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50% off Coco Earth Juggernaut MCT Oil 500ml $7.50 (Was $15) @ Woolworths


C8 - 60%
C10 - 40%

The bottles I bought expire Dec'22 so good to keep for a while. Paste from product description:

•Completely tasteless 100% MCT Oil - Power fuel for Body & Brain

•Ideal for Keto diet – Helps to get into or stay in Ketosis. Also, Paleo & Vegan diet friendly

•These healthy MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are rapidly absorbed and quickly converted into energy fueling your brain and body rather than getting stored as fat

•Natural source of quick & clean energy

•Easy to use - mix with Coffee, Salads, Smoothies, Shakes or Yogurt

•Gluten Free, No Hexane, Non-GMO, Non-hydrogenated, Free from Palm oil

Ketogenic Juggernaut MCT oil is completely odorless and tasteless healthy dietary supplement. We have eliminated all the undesired fatty acid so that you get the best in class MCTs mix of C8 & C10 (C8 – 60%, C10 - 40%). These MCTs are derived from organically grown coconuts only. Zero carb Juggernaut MCT Oil is a perfect companion for Ketogenic or low carb diet. It helps to get into or stay in ketosis.

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    Is this OK for frying?

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      First review says you can

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        So I can make Keto French fries?


      Shouldn't heat over 150 C

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    What's this actually do?

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      The only real use for this is people who are very low carb dieting (<40g per day).

      MCT contains medium chain fats which can give a similar effect to carbohydrates in a carb-restricted dieter (aka short term energy and exothermic effects).

      You can use it in cooking as well but overusing it…will lead to more squirts than a supersoaker product tester.


        many thanks, what kind of squirts again?

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    What percentage of snake?



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    shouldn't the label state country of origin for the coconuts ?? weirdly it doesn't so who knows where this thing is made.


    pro-tip : don't drink this stuff like water …

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      Challenge accepted

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    No taste for food, strange! what other uses? Lube?