Purchased Breville Coffee Machine from The Good Guys, Item Never Arrived, eBay Refused to Refund

Hi Everyone!

I'm in a little bit of crappy situation, after waiting almost 2 months for my coffee machine to arrive and it never arrives, raised the issue with eBay and eBay refused me a refund.

I bought the coffee machine on this forum deal

And then waiting for it….

And then seeing that it is delayed, oh maybe because of COVID…

Until last week I decided to contact Auspost and ask what happened with the parcel.

They told me the parcel is lost and they ask me to contact the seller.

Contacted The Good guys eBay, they give the case to eBay.

eBay said I am contacting them too late, they closed the case.

What should I do now to get my money back?

*The item is purchased with eBay gift card, can't chargeback with my credit card.

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    I'd totally make a Coffee and…
    oh wait…

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    Contact eBay Good Guys and ask them if Item returned to them or signed for.

    Ask them to lodge a Missing Item with AusPost or pursue the Courier.

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    You should be able to dispute the case - be persistent and firm but not rude. Ask to escalate to a supervisor.

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    Looks like ebay has much shorter times than paypal.
    I wasn’t aware of this.
    The ebay policy is that disputes must be opened within 30 days of the expected delivery date:

    In your case, you may struggle to get a refund under this policy, but you still have an action under contract law that your purchase wasn’t delivered.
    So you should continue to press for the machine to be supplied or a refund given.

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    thats a lot of money, did you check tracking earlier? First, Take tracking number to post office and get a printout of tracking, check ebays rules, they may have time limits on item not received cases. Then call Ebay. Then call Good Guys, as they have your money. Escalate complaint at Good Guys. Then file a claim in small claims court, also file a claim at post office, as they said item was lost

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    Why would you wait until 2 months before contacting TGG? Even if there was a delay, it would not take more than few weeks for the item to arrive.

    Companies like TGG usually have insurance for items lost in transit, so definitely get in touch with TGG to resolve the matter. Ask them to raise a case with Auspost.

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    You can try a credit chargeback BUT do this as a last resort because it may have side-effects (banned account and such). Other things to try first:

    • Contact the Good Guys and try to work out what happened (escalate as high as possible)
    • Contact eBay again emphasising your case (eBay sucks I mean some of their past execs were literally criminals https://news.google.com/search?q=executives+eBay)
    • Contact PayPal if you used them

    If you do a credit chargeback make sure you have your tracking information and evidence ready and easy to understand. You want to initiate credit chargeback within 90 days but often you have a little longer than that.


      Paid with gift cards.

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        Paid with gift cards.

        Eeeep how did I miss that. Okay I say go with The Good Guys enquiry.

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      The more I think about it the more I think the Good Guys will resolve this. It would just be so unusual for a big company to wipe their hands of non-delivery. Let us know poster if they don't.

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        I am also firmly in this camp.
        Their policy is likely to refer issues to eBay in the first case, but since that didn't resolve the problem I expect they will now sort it.


        Yes, I think they are big enough to be able to solve this properly… lets see…


    Does TGG eBay give you a regular TGG invoice? Can you chase up the order directly thru TGG customer support (or ideally the store that sent it out)?

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    Go to ACCC website, look up Consumer Affairs for your state and explain to them what's happened.

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    contact the good guys directly not their ebay store, ebay orders are shipped from physical stores they will put you in contact with the store who processed your order

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    Update, I have called good guys many times, they said they are looking at it and will ask auspost for investigation, hope all good