[SOLVED] Very Slow nbn Upload Speeds (Belong)

Hi all,

Suddenly from today morning, the speeds on my internet are terrible.
The download speeds are good (as per speed test) 54.2 Mbps download, but just 0.01 Mbps upload.

Any suggestions?

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      Thanks mate, knew that link, doesn't have information that helps.
      Restarting the whole setup after switching off for five min fixed the problem. From 0.01 Mbps, it is now 18.7 Mbps, almost 1870 times faster ;-)

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        But credit to Belong, who called me within ten min of my raising the request. Very polite. And I was in the process of restarting everything, so they waited for a couple of min till I was online and retested the speeds.
        Stay safe everyone.