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Hi Members

Any feedback on Bupa vs HCF vs AIA, when it comes to choosing one for the family of 4?
HCF got more reviews than Bupa but still needs your feedback.

I am in SA

I will get some corporate discount and so far Bupa and HCF have only a $3 difference including extras.

The policy I am looking is Bronze Plus Simple Hospital with Your Choice Extras 60 with $500 excess with BUPA $269.87 monthly, 6 weeks free after Ist payment, and 2 and 6 weeks waiting period off on extras while

EXCESS SELECTED $500, $ 266.45 monthly with no such benefits like 6 weeks off and waiting period off.

Kindly share your honest feedback and which one to go with

AIA : I am not really interested but they are saying they have some kind of Vitality programme to gain some points and focus on fitness. Not sure if that's worth.




    Health partners is SA OWNED And I think not for profit they were great and easy to deal with


      I like them, check them out.
      I noticed that Corporate is not always a good deal on some funds, its a special policy that doesnt stack up


    I would take the 6 weeks free, you can always switch later

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    If your company participates, Medibank Private Corporate in my view is one of the best because their 80% rebate applies to ALL ancillary providers (ie: No need to member choices so things like Speech Pathologist, Exercise Physiologist, Podiatrists are covered 80%) BUT that claim is capped at $1,500 across all providers.

    To me this is the best because I don't need to look for member choices and I can ensure at most say if you have 3 kids, you can claim up to $1,500 x 5 = $6,500 pa.

    In addition to $1,500, visits to dentists scale and clean 2x a year at Members Choices dentists are free and optometrists benefits (glasses) are extra $300

    It also has 6 weeks free deal


      I agree with this. I have gold hospital + extras 80% + pregnancy cover for family. costs me $500 a month minus company rebate


        Ahh… must be non-VIC because my quote for that is $7k per annum plus INCLUDING the 7% discount.

        I forgot to mention too. Medibank Private Corporate has discounts too. I have seen mostly 6% but mine is 7%.


          yep nsw, that includes 7% discount as well.


    Bear in mind sometimes Corporate may offer less than Retail. Gotta read the fine prints.

    As an example, for Medibank Private Corporate, it doesn't offer Pharmaceutical coverage whereas Retail does.

    That means if you spend money on your kids' meningacoccal B (Bexcero) vaccine which costs about $100, Medibank Corporate doesn't cover it whereas Retail does to some extent.