Electric Foot Warmer?

I have chronically cold feet and am looking for an electric feet warmer as I've tried all types of socks etc but they still get cold. Something like this would be great, but can't seem to find anything similiar. I'd just order this one but it has a U.S plug.



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    I've got the same condition, it's caused by poor circulation in toes.

    Been using a Kambrook foot warmer for over a decade, simple device a heater & slow fan under a footrest (Google for more details) unsure if still retailing


    Have you ever heard of or bought woolen socks? I have some and they keep my feet really warm even during the coldest days.
    Problem is, they are too thick to fit inside regular shoes, so they are strictly for home use.


      Yes I've tried every type of sock/ uggboot etc even thermal ones aren't enough unfortunately

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    For use under the desk and whilst wearing shoes or runners I have found that a very large sized Electric Frypan in it absolutely minimal heat is absolutely perfect.

    It might sound excessive but it is rather perfect. It is like a very warm floor right under your feet.

    The one I have and use is a discarded one as its Teflon has somehow de-colored (burnt? a bit) and it is not good for cooking.

    A brand new one (which will be an overkill for an Ozbargainer) is about $30 in Kmart or $79 for the Sunbeam Classic Banquet Electric Frypan (but DONT buy!)

    Probably Gumtree will have good offers real cheap or even LifeLine shops might have a few for $5 or $10 only.
    Perhaps get the old one from you own kitchen and replace it with a brand new for cooking.

    I repeat, it might sound excessive and illogical but it keeps my feet immensely warm and incredibly comfortable.

    If you suffer cold feet you know how your whole body feels "cold" and uncomfortable, so the sensation of warming your feet will be so welcome.
    I insist, it does for me and it is not excessive as the heat could be regulated from lukewarm upwards.

    Give it a try.


      Too funny!


        Not funny if you have cold feet.

        Not funny to spend hours sitting at a desk with a permanent feeling of frozen cold feet.
        Not funny at all.

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          Sorry, didn't mean to offend. Just funny to imagine someone sitting with their feet in a frypan - a creative solution!

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          Just FYI Sleeping bag + hot water bottle worked for me, when our heating was off.

          Frypan sounds dangeous tbh

          if you nodd off though, you can wake up with the delicious smell of bacon

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            Frypan sounds dangeous tbh

            Not at all!!, it has a thermostat so it will never ever go over the temperature you select … temperature that OBVIOUSLY will be minimal to lukewarm … you ain't cooking stuff you are warming up your feet!!!.

            Also the idea is to be used when sitting at a desk, alert and attentive rather than snoozing away in front of a TV. For that an electric blanket will be best … lasting all night long and using perhaps less than 0.1 kW in total (far less than 5 cents).

            But the OP is talking about feet not body core temperature. Frypan the way to go for cold feet.

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      Getting an old frypan off gumtree and using it on your carpet sounds like a great way to start a house fire


        Getting an old frypan off gumtree and using it on your carpet

        What a silly idea!
        Don't do it


    chronically cold feet

    Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition?


      Probably not, but I can relate, as my hands and feet get incredibly cold when I playing video games on my PC. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I can be watching TV, laying in bed naked, reading something etc. no problem, but as soon as I am concentrating on the screen, it's Welcome to Cold Town.

      Not sure if I should consider it a problem, at least I don't feel like it is a problem.

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        I only asked as having a medical diagnosis would allow you to know what you can/cannot do to alleviate the cold symptoms eg. diabetes

        as soon as I am concentrating on the screen, it's Welcome to Cold Town.

        Non-medical diagnosis: Need to monitor screen time 😉

        In all seriousness though, my brother-in-law started experiencing cold hands and feet all of a sudden with cooler temps in autumn/winter. He described the cold feeling like he is barefoot/not wearing gloves out in the snow. He had to be pushed to get checked out & eventually found out that he was low in calcium of all things so it was an easy fix.


          I drink atleast 600ml of milk every single morning, I think that I can't be low on calcium. But yeah, I should get this checked… one day maybe…

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        Well the rhyme or reason is poor circulation in your lower limbs. Movement and walking in particular plays an important role in moving venous blood back up to your heart. Sitting motionless is very bad for circulation.

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    I'd just order this one but it has a U.S plug

    You realise of course that being a US electrical item it's designed to work on 120 volts and here in Australia we have 230'ish volts?

    It probably will not pass Australia wiring standards either.

    You'd also have to purchase separately a voltage transformer as well as a converter US to 3 pin plug which would add to the price.

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      Yes, that's why I said I'm not ordering that one


    Heat mat, place under inner sole?
    Can probably find different sizes too, but stick with 12v


      *Suitable for all kinds of automobile fuel tank, water tank, battery antifreeze insulation


      *Max temperature: 60degree Celsius


    That is unsuitable because of the US voltage, if it was just the plug you could use an adapter.
    There are some USB options, which will be slightly warm, suitable for longer term, but not super hot:

    My suggestion is an electric heat pad, supply your own little bit of fleece to wrap around. These are mains powered and get quite warm/hot. Search for electric heat pad for options. I have one like this. It is good if you are sitting t a desk all day.


    I've got Raynaud's and find a pair of slippers and warm socks help. I like the heat tech socks from Uniqlo, but haven't tried many other brands.

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    I've found this very useful https://reductionrevolution.com.au/products/foot-warmer-mat-...
    It's basically a heated rectangle of carpet to put under your desk.
    If I'm dressed warmly and use this on my feet, I don't need to heat the entire house.
    It is pricey, $140, but works well and has paid for itself.

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    These days what’s in vogue is the ELECTRIC THROW BLANKET.

    Cousin of the Electric Blanket that you’d install in your bed under the sheets, the Throw Blanket is meant to go over up top instead. Furry plush finish too on today’s models. Wrap it over/around your lap/shin/toes & you’ll be warmer than a sausage roll in an oven :D

    They were rare 5-7yrs ago when I bought my first; these days many brands big (mistral, sunbeam) & small (Aldi, kogan etc) sell them. About $40-150. Runs off 240V sucks about 60-100W.

    If you’re really freezing desperate… I’ve seen electric socks for tradies too. :) They run off a cordless powertool battery pack.


      I'd also recommend one of these if you haven't tried it already.

      Sunbeam make a very nice plush electric throw. You can change the heat setting and it has a timer.

      You could wrap your feet and legs in it, and they should be toasty.

      It's machine washable too.


      Yep I have one of those too which is good however doesn't warm my feat enough when sitting at a desk


    Cold feet, warm heart !

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    1: You buy an "adaptor".

    2: There are numerous electric heated "rugs" on the market, intended whilst sitting on the lounge watching TV.

    There is absolutely NO REASON why you can't simply have this type of blanket, about your feet (plus the added bonus in using it as a throw rugs.

    You can wrap your entire lower limbs, not just toes as shown in your image.

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    Try the microwavable large gel packs from a chemist. I put these in my jumper's front monopocket to warm my hands while at the PC. Sometimes my feet decide to freeze and sweat so I put one gel pack on each foot. This is much cheaper than a fan heater.

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    I've got one of these, seems well made, and has a foot switch that's easy to operate. Supposed to work with and without shoes. 60 degrees without shoes is quite toasty. My wife stole mine so I bought a second one. $98 delivered. They used TNT last time, ordered Friday and came the following Monday.


    PS - I'd avoid those large plastic ones you see on ebay - I'm guessing they're made of PVC which off-gasses carcinogens. Heating it up can only make it worse.

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    Hot water bottle


    I use these:

    You can also get them on ebay and amazon. The seeds in them keep your feet toasty warm, and you can just re-heat them again in the microwave for 60 seconds when they cool down. You can also wear them anywhere around the house - while at your home office, or in bed if you have cold feet in bed like I do!


    OP are.you overweight / have diabetes or don't exercise + poor diet?


      No, I've always had cold feet