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[Steam] Free to Play Weekend: Two Point Hospital @ Steam


Enjoy :)

Free to Play at Switch as well.

Design stunning hospitals, cure peculiar illnesses and manage troublesome staff as you spread your budding healthcare organisation across Two Point County.

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    Featuring: Cursed Sonic and Tails

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    The Jumbo Edition (which includes four bits of DLC) is also apart of Free Play Days on Xbox.


    Usually ends on Monday's around 5pm AEST.


      can u download the DLC for pc?


    Since the sequel is out, they should consider giving this away. That's way more likely for them to get more sales on the new game.

    I dunno how good free play weekends are, but my schedule is too loaded for me to even try this, even though I do have interest.


      What sequel do you mean?


        Two point University or something?

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          Oh found it, Two Point Campus. Apparently it's coming next year so not out just yet.

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        Three Point Hospital duhh

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    Hope Gladys and Brad get their XP up this weekend

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    This is an updated 'theme hospital' kinda of game?

    I miss theme park world

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      Yep it has similar gameplay and quirky humour of Theme Hospital. It's fun.


    Just for the weekend though? Is that a deal?


      Usually these free-to-play weekends have deals on the game too. In this case, 75% off.


    Got this on switch but haven't unwrapped yet.. is this game any good on switch or should I resell it lol