This was posted 4 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 off Voucher (e.g. Free Lanyard - Sold Out, Was $9.95) & Free Delivery @ Oakley


The Oakley website has a popup for a $10 voucher after you are on the site for 20 seconds or so.
Seem to have free delivery as well. Picked up a lanyard for free ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I found the site hard to navigate to find other bargains, the $ filter and sorts don't seem to work.

Lanyards are still in stock.

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    Cheers, I likewise gave up on trying to search for other sub-$10 bargains. But I got a free lanyard, so thanks!

  • No popup here, am I missing something?

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      $10 voucher.

    • I didn't get one pop up when using Brave.

      Used Edge and the pop up came soon after I closed down a popup for money off polarised sunnies.

      Lanyard ordered….thanks OP.

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    Paypal doesn't work

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      I had to pay by CC as I also couldn't get PayPal to work.

      CC worked fine though.

    • I found that too, I had to put in a credit card.

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          Obviously commenting without looking.

          Asks for payment as a standard part of checkout process but charge $0.00.

  • Fantastic!

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      Yeah the voucher looks generic - I got O6S-YFAW-8438-PPWH

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        Thanks for that, I couldn't get a popup using Chrome, Edge or Brave.

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    • Facemask is showing as $24.95 so $14.95 with the $10 off voucher

      • yeah they changed it

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        The blackout colour is still $10.

        • OOS. It says it's in high demand. Lol

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      Oh good my avatar needed a new one. Baaa!

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    I was able use this code 3 times already.
    I must say it "Success comes through copy-paste."

    Thanks for posting.

    • Same, confirmed generic.

  • Thanks! Grabbed a lanyard too.

  • Face mask for $10 baby

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    Doesn't work with sale items.

  • I think it tries to charge your credit card, despite the voucher and "Free"

    • Did you get a charge?

      • No dice with Paypal.
        No PO BOX
        No Parcel Locker!!
        Ended up using a very low balance Coles Prepaid mastercard.

        • I tried the Coles prepaid but it got declined.

          I then had to try my HSBC debit mastercard which has $2 on it. I use it for these kinds of deals. Got pre-auth'd for $0.01 by Oakley

    • It did not charge anything to my card. Bought a mask.

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      Used a prepaid MasterCard with $0 on it.
      No issues.

    • Same here. Used a 0 dollar coles mastercard prepaid card. Work fine

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    Worked on the face mask, thanks OP!

    Also had problems paying with PayPal, had to use CC

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    Ordered 3 weeks ago same deal nothing has arrived and no one can tell me why or where it is…ordered again and still.nothing

    • Thx for posting… Cba if its just data harvesting

    • I ordered one, didn't receive a confirmation email. We'll see if anything happens.

  • Got a face mask thanks OP.

  • Great job OP. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
    Got 2 face masks as well.
    Oakley already know my details, might as well get a free face mask for it. ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Seems to be all gone, both masks and layards?

    • yeah ozbargained to the death once again

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    Thanks OP! Just picked up the $10 face mask for free, thank you ๐Ÿ˜
    Also for anyone wondering, my order status shows that it will ship on the 12 of August.

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    I wanna grab a microbag but it won't check out. I'm actually giving them money but they don't want it lol.

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    Can't add face mask. Says cart is empty everytime I add

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    • same for the lanyard.. edit, it seems the ugly ones work, probably due to availability

      • The snow camo ones still check out

    • Same cart is always empty after adding something to it. Plus the filters don't work for price: low to high. I've given up now

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    Oakley facemasks in the city = OzBargainer

  • Can't seem to add the $10 face mask to cart
    Once added it says cart still empty

    • yeah me too, must be sold out

  • thanks

  • Thank op. Facemask seems to OOS. But Got a crazy camo lanyard instead.

  • Someone really just reported this as Sold Out lol

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    Stickers are still available. ๐Ÿ˜…

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      I used back in early high school days just write a letter to HQ asking for free stickers and normally got stuff back. Best one was definitely Skullcandy where I got a sticker pack, lanyard and a t-shirt.

      • thats awesome, where did you end up sticking these stickers?

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          100% year 10 DET laptops haha.

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    Used my MYY prepaid card since it is still good until 2022 from that free $15 post.

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  • Any idea why canโ€™t add face masks?

    • I think they sold out

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    Thanks, got a lanyard a moment ago. No idea why people are reporting this is sold out though.

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    Only 1 lanyard is still in stock (the brown one).

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    Why are people so excited about the lanyard?

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      Because free…..

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          @amsaini15: I totally agree as it just more landfill and stupid ordering just "because" it's free. If one doesn't need one then is pointless order. Oh yeah lets not forget the shipping and packaging waste as well. Am not a greenie but see it as stupid and unnecessary (unless required)!

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            @Borg: Unless its just stock that never gets sold. Would be reasonable to just give it away and hopefully someone ends up using it.
            Do agree with you on the shipping and postage side though.

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              @Mr-X: But it's not free. It's $10. It just so happens they are offering $10 off an order hence people here are looking for a way to buy anything for $10 just to make it free. Pfft……….silly world we live in (again unless one needs the item)!

  • All lanyards OOS

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    The guys at Oakley…." yey finally sold out… this is the easiest cheapest marketing we have ever done now our logo will be everywhere, free advertising "

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      To me, it seems like offloading event merch that were meant to happen but got cancelled.

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      and free website load testing…site held up with 5000 clicks, well done

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    Youโ€™re all suckers

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    Grabbed a cap for $14.95 after $10 code applied. Canโ€™t go wrong for less than $15 for a branded cap.

    Edit: And paid with PayPal.

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    Do they not sell sunglasses lanyards?

    • Do you mean Oakley leash kits? ""?
      Only in US I'm afraid. Oakley.Au used to sell them and replacement lenses etc back in the day but not anymore. That's what I was looking for, something I need lol.

  • Holbrook Prizm ruby red iridium (Asian Fit) for $87 is pretty good (using $10 voucher).

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    EDIT The Camouflage Lanyard works againโ€ฆ

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    Masks are also back in stock and I've just ordered one. Nice!

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