Non Profit Group - Mobile plan for Voicemail

Hi All

I help run a non profit with my mother for Kawasaki Disease. I'm wanting to get a phone (thinking just Nokia 225 as cheap) and some plan as we want to have a phone that will be left on and people can call and leave a voicemail. I'll then check the voicemail and the details will be passed on to the right committee member to call this person back.

Little backstory - We offer support and such all over Australia and we have State representatives. So we want to have a phone that I will probably leave on at my place - people find our website/FB Group etc and want to talk to someone or get more information as they have just had a kid diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. Can call the number and leave a voicemail/message with basic details - what state they are in, name, return contact etc and then I'll pass it on to the right representative to fellow up.

Just wondering what plan might be best for this seeing as we won't really be making call's from it - just for people to leave message/voicemail. We could use for calls at times if we needed but not the main purpose.

Maybe one of the long paid plans - i'm not too sure.


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    As an alternative, how about looking into a VOIP service.

    You can have a number allocated for people to call and leave a message.
    We have our VOIP setup so that any voicemail left is emailed to me. Very easy.

    I use but there are many others out there.

    You can access a cheap plan here. Only $15 per year for the number (plus any call costs if you make outbound calls).


    I recommend OzTell. They have a free PABX, you can have incoming calls ring multiple mobile phones for example, and if no one answers that call, it would then become a voicemail, which is then automatically converted into a sound file and e-mail to you. In this case, you could listen to the voicemail from within your e-mail, then you just forward the e-mail with the sound file to the appropriate person. All these services are free, and the landline number is $2 per month.