Looking for a Cheap Domain Registrar


I'm looking to find the cheapest domain registrar. I would have liked a .com.au (as the exact domain I want is available through that), but as a podcast, I don't have an ABN because I'm not generating income…and .asn.au just doesn't flow off the tongue.

Taking into account the standard annual cost, it looks like .com.au would have been the cheapest, but .com seems to be only slightly higher through VentraIP. I've previously bought through NameCheap, but haven't bought a domain/hosting for years.

1) Anyone with a podcast alone legitimately use a .com.au?
2) Is there a cheaper .com registrar than VentraIP?

Note: I know that there was a similar post six months ago, but Zuver doesn't exist anymore, so thought I would see if anyone new has appeared in the last few months.


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    You must be a business for .com.au and .net.au
    and an association for .asn.au

    If you are conducting business: https://abr.business.gov.au/ContactUs/Apply

    For cheapest .com I believe that would be cloudflare.com
    Cheapest .com.au probably VentraIP
    Most abusive registrar: GoDaddy imho

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    Sole trader ABN is free,
    Cheapest com.au is VentraIP.com.au as Deme said its the best management and experience for a dollar more than other No frills
    The others will charge less for domain and more for WHOIS privacy and DNS hosting
    Namecheap.com is the cheapest .com and other domains registrar

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      Hardly true re: Namecheap. There are much cheaper providers out there: https://tld-list.com/

      Namecheap.com is generally trash. It has become the go-to registrar for any type of scam since they refuse to enforce their TOS or even the ICANN-mandated requirements. This includes phishing websites being used for SMS scams targeting the elderly in Australia.

      I moved away to Porkbun for a lot of things and haven't looked back.


        this +1, I also moved to the piggy and everything's been great since