What Would You Recommend for Photo Archiving Software?

I’ve recently offered to scan all of our family’s photos… a huge job. I’m looking for some software that would allow me to organise the photos into categories and allow me to include descriptions.

I would prefer to find something free (of course) and that can easily be shared with other family members. Also prefer to find software that doesn’t require a subscription or will age out too quickly. Years ago, we used Picasa (spelling) but it is no longer supported.

Any recommendations gratefully received.


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    no software needed. enter text as required in tags field of file properties. ensure 'file contents' is set in your search options (searches in the file, not just filename). you can add multiple tags to each image. can also grab multiple images to add the same tag as a group to speed things up
    applies to all windows, not just w10
    not sure on the limitations of tags (how long or how many)

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    Picasa was killed off by Google because they rolled out Google Photos back in 2016?

    Google photos also has a machine learning algorithm that can automatically 'tag' your photos for you, by analysing contents of the photo. So if you uploaded a bunch of photos that resemble cars, and you actually search for 'car' on the Google Photos (web)app, it'll show you photographs of things that it thinks are vehicles.

    It even detects landmarks and will tag them with locations (e.g if it sees buildings in Sydney, it'll be tagged as such)

    Plus there's also ways to create albums using existing meta-data like geotags, device ID and other parameters.


    Recycle bin

    Can’t resist.


    Google Photos




    If you're in the Apple ecosystem, then your Apple device will look at the photos in your photo collection and automatically tag them. Unlike Google Photos all this tagging is done on your phone and not on some server somewhere.