Help: Sold $2000 Item on eBay to Russia, Require Export Declaration Number

I recently sold a used item to a Russian buyer for over $2000. I didn't expect there will be a need for export declaration number. Has anyone done this before? Does it cost anything more for my side. The buyer has provided his Russian tax number so he can pay his own customs.

I'm quite overwhelmed by the amount of text I have to read, if someone can explain it simpler to me, much appreciated.


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    Simplest suggestion: Cancel the order and sell it locally. A lot of these could be scams and you're risking $2000 and the item.

    But if you're insistent, plenty info here:

    See the Lodging an Export Declaration section.

    If you're struggling with this, then really really suggest cancel the order. You could be in for a world of pain if it's a dodgy buyer. Especially if it's an iPhone…

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      The buyer has paid, I have received the payment. I wonder how could I be scammed?

      The only possible way I can think of is if they declare the item is missing, which I will get aus post insurance to cover.

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        Many many many many many many ways.

        They'll declare item never arrived. eBay will side with buyer and refund them then charge you the money. You lose both the item and $2000.

        They'll declare item is faulty. eBay will tell you pay seller to get item returned to you. You pay for postage and never receive the item.

        They'll request a return for any other reason. Item never arrives or you get a coin in the mail. They have a certified 'delivered' tracking code. eBay refunds them $2000 and you're left holding a 1 ruble coin.

        They'll do a credit chargeback for any reason whatsoever. eBay/Paypal won't care and will onwards charge you for it.

        Don't do this.

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          They'll declare item never arrived. eBay will side with buyer and refund them then charge you the money. You lose both the item and $2000.


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          This can happen locally too right?

          I guess you are right though, much riskier and difficult with overseas.

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            @OldDataGuy: Certainly can. May we ask what this magical $2,000 item is that a Russian has specifically ordered all the way from Australia?

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              @Hybroid: I'd rather not say. It's legal and non prohibited item.

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                @OldDataGuy: “From Russia with love”?

                • @SF3: It's from China actually, but sent from Sydney.

                  So maybe to Russia with love

            • @Hybroid: RTX 3080 ???

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            @OldDataGuy: Yes that's why you do cash on pick up for expensive items

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        How did the buyer pay?,

        As others have said, I suspect this will end badly for you :(

        • I don't know, but it arrives in my bank account

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            @OldDataGuy: LOL, unless you've withdrawn the entire balance of that account in cash and want to never have an account with that bank again then you'll lose the money for sure.

            Payment will be dodgy, other bank will claw back the money, account will go -$2000. You might even get chased by debt collectors…

            Not worth it.

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    Selling items to overseas buyers on eBay…..good luck!

    • Selling items to Russian hacker, fix it for ya.

  • I sold an item to South Korea on eBay recently, filled the export form out using a QR code at auspost. Not sure if it's different for Russia.

    • Do you have to pay anything extra like gst?

      • Nope, they have to pay anything that's required when it gets to them, as far as I know. I paid for postage only, buyer has received it and all is good.

        Is your item rare, and not valuable to a "normal" person?

  • lol….. and look the seller still insist and believe the deal is legit…. human is hard….
    asking for help and then not trusting the helper…..
    what else can we do ???? just one thing : —- > GRAB A POPCORN

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      Confirmation bias is indeed strong with this OP.

      You know this sounds like those lucky few believing in Nigerian Prince.

      But hey, what do I know.

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      Holy smokes you're hamming up the engrish today mate.

      That's impressive.

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    в россии eBay вас обманывают

    • Thanks

    • всегда ?

      • Yes. Always

    • Но я действительно на нефтяной вышке, и я определенно хочу купить вашу машину!

      • Lol

        • Я служу в армии и командирован за границу, поэтому мой агент заберет машину от моего имени.

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    Why would you do this to yourself? Unless it is a product that is very niche and difficult to sell locally, why would you even take such a big risk???

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      Everybody in this thread doesn't have a clue . Lets say In Oz buyer can sell max $1,200 and overseas can get $2000 with even 20% of scam ( I've never been near that total dealing with my unsafe countries ) he is well in front with risk/reward equation and simple maths .
      Neg away :)

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        A Russian buying a made in China item from Australia on eBay. More like 80% scam.

        • 99%

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        This really only applies if you’re doing bulk sales where a few scams won’t hurt your bottom line. If it’s a one off then that sort of calculus doesn’t work.

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    The one and only time I sold an item overseas with ebay the buyer scammed me (about $500). Luckily it was back in the day before managed payments. PayPal gave me a negative balance for a number of months and threatened to send debt collectors but I held out and didn't lose the money. Could never sell on ebay again of course but that's a blessing. Today you would definitely lose the money as you give ebay access to your accounts directly instead of through a third party. It especially hurt as I included a toy koala and some stickers as I thought the buyer might enjoy that, and it was two items I personally treasured and loved for two years which took me ages to find for myself. I seriously considered revenge for a while.

    Don't do it.

    • I included a toy koala and some stickers


      seriously considered revenge

      Would love to hear your ideas.

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        I found the buyer on Facebook, and her account was very open. I thought many times about messaging her mother and father and the rest of her family and friends telling them what she did.

        • I was hoping for something meatier!

        • How can you be sure that's the real name? It could be their mother's account.

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    Cancel the sale and return the money under the reason Issue with buyers address, Too many risks.

  • What item did you sell? Amazing that that they would want it from the other side of the globe but I'm pretty interested so let me know.

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    • Kangaroo i think. Australia icon

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    Next post…

    “Was scammed by Russian buyer on eBay and now PayPal have taken the amount out of my account and eBay said they can’t help. Reported to police and they said it’s a civil issue. How do I get my money/item back…”

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    Proceed with the sale if you want to but take action to prevent a lost item/faulty item/damaged item claim. Unlink any bank acct, insure with signature required and take plenty of pics of the item being packaged and the address on it.
    Cross your fingers and hope for the best.
    I wouldn't sell a 2k item like that here let alone to an overseas buyer.

  • Why would a Russian be looking to buy a $2000 used item from Australia???????????

    • Maybe they are in a hurry?

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    A Chinese made Russian doll?

  • do we know what the "item" is yet

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    Please update this thread when the sale is disputed from Russia due to non delivery.

    I do some work for an American hat company and we ocasionally sell to other countries. Even then we had issues (with Russia), even just the mailing system where goods were returned to us 4 months later, never having arrived supposedly or just never collected according to the tracking but not there for customer to pick up .. I would not risk it for $2k as we don't even send $100 hats to Russia anymore.

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    Used Russian bride?

  • I send many items OS. You are simply referring to the declaration form. Upon that has all the necessary details required.

    Who wants this number?

  • FYI, OP, you Paypal account is not "your bank account"

    You sound naive enough to think it is. Money in PayPal can be taken back by eBay/PayPal for dozens of reasons.

  • Cancel the sale. You will lose the item and get scammed. This comes from many many years in ecommerce.

  • OP next post. Scammed by Russian Mafia. How do I get my $2000 back and item from buyer. Could be a genuine buyer, but just not worh it. There is a setting on Ebay where you can block Russisn bidder/buyers.

    Anyway if you must go ahead with the deal I think someone has already sent a link earlier on what to do.

  • The last ebay russian buyer thread Link. No conclusion though. There is a seller on that thread that successfully sent a Switch game to Russia.

  • I sold a camera to Russia with no problem.

    It was a rare item though so at least there was some justification for buying from the other side of the planet.

  • good luck

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