Which Meat Thermometer?

Looking for a meat thermometer mainly just for cooking roasts. Also, my oven's thermometer is crap. I like the idea of these but cordless units are pretty rare so not sure if they're any good? The Inkbird units seem to pretty popular on here.

Any suggestions?



    The range of these can be annoying (ie short) but the capacitor method of recharge is handy.


    I use a Meater. I have the first generation, where you bluetooth directly to the probe from your phone. The range is pretty awful. If something is in my oven, my phone needs to be right near the door. If it's out in a pan its range is decent.
    I believe the newer versions the probe connects to a base station, which then connects to your phone somehow, and so you can leave the base station near the cooking and it improves the range to your phone. But I've not tried that one.

    Alternatively there's quite a few products where the thermometer is attached to a cable to a unit that stays outside the oven/bbq/whatever.


      Yeah u have the same and the short range is a pain. The extended range option looks handy.

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    Get an Inkbird with 2 probes. Works a treat out of an oven or BBQ, connects to your phone, very usable app, and often on sale for dirt cheap.

    2 Probes is great for a roast chicken (breast + thigh readings), or roasting / cooking two other meats at once.


      This is great advice for your use case; doing roasts in the oven - the other option for probe 2 is to check the actual oven temp (via a clip on probe holder you can attach to your rack)

      But, if it was me, I'd spend more and spend once and go for 4 probes and a WiFi model.

      WiFi - if you have a big house, you might want to keep the phone near you, which might take it out of Bluetooth range.

      4 Probes - allows you to do a couple of bits of meat concurrently, with a spare for oven/bbq temp.

      Inkbird are good devices and good value - check camelcamelcamel/OzB for a target price for your preferred model.