< $1k 8ch NVR Security System

Hi legends,

We had an incident last night out the front of our house last night and of course it was in a black spot of our current 4 camera set up. So I am wanting to get an 8 camera NVR set up.

We have a Swann system at the moment, the picture is adequate, but the bloody thing keeps cutting out at random times so we need to reset it often. For this reason alone, I don't think I will get another Swann system, unless it recommended here.

Can anyone recommend me some sub $1000k systems as I have no idea what to look for. If I really have too, I will stump up extra.

Thanks in advance.



    Reolink seems to be the budget option.
    Hikvision or dahua for quality.

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    You will definitely have to spend more if you are looking for a quality Hikvision/Dahua 8 camera PoE setup with enough storage. For under 3k (excluding installation) you might be able to get all 8 cameras, NVR, HDDs, cabling.


      This! Only for a $1K, you're lucky get an 8 channel NVR & HDD plus maybe 1 x camera that is 4MP


        Anything wrong with the reolink options? 4x 4k cameras with 8ch nvr for around $600?


          I don't know much about that brand tbh. I am focusing on verifying the expense regarding Hikvision and Dahua (same company) will be over-budget. I have recommended Svann as my comments below


            @vinni9284: From what I've read in the past reolink seems on par with Swann for a lot les $ but I've not tried them yet.


              @teacherer: Based on my experiences, I have had Swann for many years with no issue. Everything is original and still running well at this stage (even HDD). I purchased this kit at HN for around $800 in 2014 and running 24/7. Now it's poor compared with current (~720p) but does the job for now

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    Sorted! .. unless you are striving for POE?

    Edit: I have had a Swann DVR for several years with no issue. This bundle has 6 x 5MP bullet Cameras and has 2TB HDD. All cabling inclusive for under $500. Another $300 will get you 2 more cameras & cabling for under $1K
    So, it's a BNC 18 meter connection. PoE still need a physical connection to the Camera .. and start forking out for it? for an extra 3MP .. that you maybe lucky to see the number plates 60 meters away?
    A Hikvision and Dahua NVR with a HDD will cost under a $1K alone
    So not sure why I got negged?