Binge Account Cancelled

I had a Binge account with about 4 Telstra offers attached each giving 6 months free. I decided to activate Kayo and after a few months I decided I wanted to cancel Kayo, however I had to reach out to the Kayo team for them to cancel the account.

After some time Kayo finally got cancelled but they also cancelled my Binge account, I keep getting tossed around to different people when replying to the email.

Anybody have any helpful tips?

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    • I was about to as they are refusing to reactivate my account but I don't think they fall under the TIO

  • Did you pay for Binge or get it free the whole time with codes?

    • I was paying for a while until the Telstra deal came out

  • -1

    pm me some details, I’ll see if I can escalate it (I work at Telstra) and have some contacts

    • I'll wait and see what happens with them and If I don't end up getting a proper resolution I will reach out, appreciate it

  • Binge and Kayo are both under the umbrella of Streamotion - is it possible the entire Streamotion account was cancelled in error?

    • That's exactly what happened, pretty annoying situation