Looking for TV Wall Mount for Sony 85 Inch TV

Hello, I recently bought a Sony 85 inch TV and planning to wall mount it.

I am looking at both full motion and fixed options. Could you please advise which one should I go with, pros and cons as this is my first time planning to wall mount.

Also, if I hire someone for the job what should I look for? I had plan to do it myself but little scared after reading some stories online and cannot afford to pay for the TV again!

Thanks in advance.


  • What horror stories did you read online?

    I bought Vogels but havent put it on yet. I have never drilled into a wall before

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    To start with please see some comments in https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/640666?page=1#comment

    • Yeah they used plugs and not into any timber studs 😂 it's amazing it held on for six years

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    This ought to do the trick.


    It's rated up to 84 inches, but what difference will an extra inch make?

    Looks like it's just a couple of screws to install, shouldn't be too hard.

    If you're worried about the stability, you can mount it lower down the wall so it doesn't fall as far if it comes off.

    • but what difference will an extra inch make?

      Clearly you are male

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      If you're worried about the stability, you can mount it lower down the wall so it doesn't fall as far if it comes off.

      strange logic

    • Oh dear

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    Typically wall mounting a TV, the actual wall mount will say how many kilograms it will hold, so as long as you don't go over that it should be fine, and put some heavy bolts or screws into the timber studs your screwing into.

    I've mounted many TVs everywhere I've lived, but I know what I'm doing being in a trade. Make sure you use a stud finder, and double or triple check up and down the wall to make sure it's a vertical stud, and the stud finder isn't playing up which sometimes they do.

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    I mounted my 77" using the mount above over the weekend. It has the flexibility for horizontal/vertical tilt and can extend outwards to allow easier access to the back to plug in more cables without the TV sticking out too much off the wall. What you'll need is a stud finder, drill, the correct trill bits, spirit level and socket set. Was also my first time installing one and I found the included instructions quite detailed and easy to follow.

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    I've used this for a Sony 85 inch a couple of years back


    Model is discontinued at the moment, but you can type your TV model number into Sanus' website to find suitable mounts

  • I mounted mine on a low profile Aldi bracket, which is surprisingly solid compared so some others I have seen. As other said the key is how you mount it. I am overly cautious and tend to overengineer things so used around 8 big screws, all into studs.

    Also if using a low profile bracket need to make sure there is enough room for your cables behind it. I had to cut off the power plug on my Sony TV and replace it with the flattest side entry plug I could find to get it to fit. But worth it as low profile looks much better

    Getting a tradie doesn't necessarily mean it will be done properly. An electrician once told me that that he sometimes just uses wallmates to attached them to plasterboard

    • Lol, that electrician must be game. There is no way I would be using wallmates for a wall mounted TV, no matter how much they could hold.

  • Anyone use Vogels?

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