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20% off Flash Sale @ Manscaped (The Peak Performance Package 4.0 $143.99 Delivered)


Manscaped flash sale 20% off
Get the latest Lawnmower 4.0 at a discount.

Fourth generation Lawn Mower™ trimmer

SkinSafe™ Replaceable Ceramic Blades
Adjustable Guard Sizes 1-4​
7,000 RPM Motor with QuietStroke™ Technology
Wireless Charging System
600mAh li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
4000k LED Spotlight and Power Status Indicator
Travel Lock

I haven't personally tried it yet, however there are some great and also some hilarious (& distressing reviews online)

If purchasing the Performance Package 4.0 note that the default option with the hygiene plan is $10 cheaper but will enroll you into a subscription of blades every 3 months, which should be manually cancelled to avoid any surprises in the future.

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  • +2 votes

    stop watching too much YT and shilling for influencers.


      Personally never seen an ad for them on YT.


        the ad is not from YT directly, they use content creators directly in their video to shill - as they get a percentage from using their code

  • +4 votes

    My rule of thumb is if they're a physical good and advertise heavily on YT, it's rebranded Alibaba garbage


      While I don't believe their products are rebadged Alibaba, I would like to be proved wrong. (Curiousity)
      Can you find the identical product?

  • +1 vote

    I actually own one of these, albeit expensive, they are a bloody good product.


      Probably the most important feature of this product is how easy is it to cut yourself. Is that hard to do?


    Have heard very bad things about this brand. Would probably stick to brands that don't give random YouTubers sponsors.


      What is something like this?


    It's a ongoing subscription. Any way to buy and not subscribe?

  • +4 votes

    My experience from the 3.0 model is, it is overpriced garbage
    - blades got extremely hot from minimal use
    - USB cable supplied only, BYO charger is annoying
    - LED light actually makes it harder, creating weird shadows

    The worst part is their scummy subscription model
    - The page where you cancel the sub would return an error, every.single.time; yet every other part of the website worked perfectly
    - And when i sent them an angry email stating such and to cancel my sub they obliged and said they 'would investigate'
    - Yet after they canceled my sub, i could miraculously get to that page to renew a subscription - error was gone (i have screenshots to prove it)

    Just buy something like this instead


    Any ideas on something similar locally that can do balls without hurting?