Aware iOS App Is Gone

Anyone notice that this app is gone from iOS AppStore while it is still available in google play?? It is very weird… I am looking for a meditation app right now and I know I have got a lifetime membership with the Aware app but it is gone…

Any recommendation for free familar app?


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    No I wasn’t aware it’s gone


    I have an app called Aware Super.
    Maybe people were getting confused, IDK.

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    From the Android store notes, it looks like either they've sold to a new owner, or they've incorporated it into another app:


    We are thrilled to share that Aware is soon moving to a new & improved version - RoundGlass Reach. We will assist you with the migration at every step.

    For our premium users, your premium Aware subscriptions will be carried over to the new Reach app.

    We request you to continue using Aware as of now, since the Reach app is not available universally for download currently.

    Stay tuned for updates. For any queries, feel free to write to us at [email protected]