Advice: Best Value Wired Gaming Headset PC/Xbox/PS/Mobile

Hi Guys

Need some more advice for my 11 year old son, he "inherited" a pair of Wireless RIG 800's that are no longer charging, even after trying to "boot" the battery with a 9V.

So I need to buy a Wired Gaming Headset, preferably compatible with PC/Xbox/PS and Mobile (he has a 3.5mm jack on his) would be good too, in that order of preference. Does this mean 3.5mm is required?

Budget is <$80 and looking for the best value option, what features could I expect at this price?

I've been considering these:

Any advice is VERY welcome! Thanks in advance


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    Used the Razer Kraken before, stay away. The sound quality is subpar, like a cheap $30 headset. Maybe I had a bad one and others might think otherwise. I recommend the Artics 1 or even better the series 3 for $99 on Amazon now. It is a little bit above your budget though. At around this price, expect decent sound and mic quality and a mute button at best. Some may include a volume rocker. Note that it is also unlikely that this price range offers a detachable mic and cable.

    Steelseries artics 1

    Cheaper on eBay @ $54

    Steelseries artics 3

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    Thanks, I use Steelseries Arctis 3 Bluetooth version myself and they're awesome. Good to know the rest of Arctis are good headsets too, thanks.


    No nonsense headset fairly unbreakable, my 2 yr old hasn't been able to break it yet when they get a hold of it. Had this one for approx 4 years now going strong and I believe this is the updated one with a little better cosmetics and sound improvement.


    Razer BlackShark X


    I just switched over to wireless Steelseries 9x's from wired Logitech G432's that were awesome, I would recommend the Logitech's, they are in the ballpark of your price (especially second hand).


    I'm also looking for the same as the OP.
    Had the MadCatz GAMING HEADSET FREQ 2 - lasted about 12 months before the weak point snapped near one ear cup.
    Before that had the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z SEVEN which did last years, but eventually also broke near the ear.

    OP - have you considered getting a mic and headphones separately? Headphones seem to be a lot more durable than headsets to me.