What's Your Preferred Option for Notifications

What options do you use to get notified of new bargain listings in your preferred categories? I tried Twitter but got overwhelmed. The iOS app doesn't send notifications (unless I'm doing something wrong??) and IFTTT have become a paid service so that's pretty much off the table too.


  • You can get an email or notification via OzBargain bell menu for each category. e.g. Alcohol.





    more specific though? say i wanted to be notified when an AirPods Pro deal was listed?

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      You can type any item you would like alerts for into the search bar and click on 'create alert'


        have you experienced this working - actually notifying you? I can see a number with a red background for alerts that i’ve missed when i visit the website but i don’t receive a notification at the time of the successful match. Maybe i’m doing something wrong

        I was hoping the ios app would give me popup notifications but no.

        • Search Alerts definitely work.

          Looking at your account, you have numerous alerts that you've already set up. I can see at least 5 notifications in the past 3 hours. The menu only shows 8 in the dropdown box of alerts but you can see all of them in notifications.

          Also if you want to get an alert every time there is a new deal for a store, then you can hit the subscribe button on the store page. e.g. Shopback. Better than putting a search alert for the word "shopback".


      Search for Airpods Pro, and then top right hand corner > Create Alert



        I've found those alerts to be less than timely when chasing a ps5

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          Email notifications can take a while, but you can select 'Web' in your Subscription settings, which is usually much quicker.

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    I don't need notifications because I check OzBargain so often, they would be useless.


    You can use RSS reader & point it to the category https://www.ozbargain.com.au/cat/alcohol/feed