Most VFM 32" 1440

Hi All

Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts.

- Planning to get triple 1440p 32"

- Currently use triple 1080p 27" (content but I know it can be better)
- I have a 2080Ti / 3700x / 16gb ram
- Used specifically for sim racing.
- Game is "Assetto Corsa Cometizione" … which is extremely badly optimised.
- A triple 2K using 3090 on high settings (low / medium / high / epic) yields roughly 90fps with a field of 50 cars

Shopping List
VS VX3276-2K 4ms 75hhz IPS $270
AOC Q32V3S/WS 4ms 75hz IPS $286
LG 32GK650F-B 5ms 144hz VA $407
Dell S3222DGM 1ms 165hz VA $423
Gigabyte G32QC 1ms 165hz VA $337
(Note: Prices are based on the lowest price I could find on Ozbargain)

My Thinking
1. I could go the 75hz as my GPU prob won't even hit that (but may have to upgrade in the future)
2. I could go the 144+ hz and wait for the prices of GPU to stabilize / 4000 series
3. Just continue using what I have as tech will change before I blink my eyes again
4. Are there any options that I may have missed?

What is everyone's thoughts ?



    1. Are there any options that I may have missed?

    Can't give any input on monitors (no pun intended) but have explored vr headsets? Oculus Quest 2 is very affordable at $419 (although it is currently being recalled because of some skin irritation issues with face interface) and the HP Reverb G2 is also a favourite among racing and flightsim enthusiasts.


      No thanks … I get motion sickness on a good day 🤣

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    i recently picked up the LG 32GK650F-B 5ms 144hz VA. Its quite good. I got it for $399 from amazon au.


    Only just saw this post so tardy response.
    My go to game is ACC and I am currently using 3 x 27” 1440p with a 3080 and getting about 70 FPS on ultra/epic.
    Your gonna struggle with 7680 x 1440 on a 2080ti in ACC imo.


      At epic yeh definitely …. I guess. What I have to ascertain is how much better are the graphics on 1440p vs 1080p for my eyes.

      What FPS are u getting if put on high settings ??


        I will try this today if I get the chance. Involves taking screen shots of my current and then adjusting and trying it out.
        I do get an annoying ghosting on some corners. So for example Brands Hatch, 3rd corner which is a left hander, As I go through the corner the corner red upright post will have 3 or 4 ghosted images of the post trailing it. This is on 27” 1440 ips 75 hz monitors.
        I recently purchased the S3222DGM, not yet delivered, and will try that as stand alone as a test to see if I get the ghosting. If I don’t then I will prob upgrade to triple of these.


          Try changing the “temporal” to “KTAA” / “FXAA” …. That stopped the ghosting for me.