iPhone 4S - White

Need to buy the wife a 32G or 64G iPhone for her birthday (03/03). The only stipulation I've been told is that it must be white. Been looking around but everything is much or a muchness in price from retailers and nothing stands out.

Looked on Gumtree and found a 64G for $600 new and sealed, but was black. Of course there are others on there lower than what apple is selling - but being a complete noob to all things Apple, I have no idea what I need to watch out for and saving a $100 doesn't seem worth the risk of possibly getting a clone or some other issue.

Looking to buy outright as no need for a phone plan.

Any ideas to point me in the right direction?

Cheers :)



    $600 for a 64GB iPhone 4S is quite good. I believe the 64GB retails for $999 so you're saving 40%. Actually that sounds a little TOO good


      Yes, about $100 - $200 cheaper then the next cheapest on there and I agree it was very tempting price (if it was the right colour) and got me thinking about whether I should be aware of fakes or some other catch that may be out there. I noticed an ad wanting to buy iPhones ONLY if they were from Telstra or Voda - unsure what the distinction is as I thought you just jailbreak the phone.

      I've had HTC's for the last 8 odd years and in the dark when it comes to iPhones.

      Thanks for the reply


    If it's a gift then I'd be inclined to get it from Apple direct. No fuss. :)


      Yes, especially in the case of it being for the wife :)

      If it was up to me I'd get her a HTC, but its a girly thing wanting a white iPhone and anything less would be a disappointment to her.

      Paying almost $1000 for the phone…as much as I may love my wife…that love only extends so far :)

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    $600 for 64GB 4S is a steal.

    Grab it. Buy a white cover to replace it. :-)

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