Charged While at Cart-Strange Experience with PayPal and Annke

Hi guys, nothing too exciting.

I was exploring Annke cameras during their summer sale and put a security system in my cart.
I proceeded to checkout using paypal express to fill in my delivery details as I often do.
It returned me to the checkout screen where I could add the coupon and before I did I got an email from my credit card company that the transaction had been processed $825 (through paypal). I checked and it was not in my paypal history and I had no invoice or confirmation from Annke.
I added the coupon anyway to check the price (way too expensive) and continued with my evening.
10 minutes later I got another email that anoter $825 had been processed in the same manner as the first time.

I sent several emails to their support line and clicking through the link sent via email into my ticket would give me an error. Responding to the ticket (like it suggests that you can) would just bounce back.

When my guests left 30 mins later I called my CC company who said the transactions were already removed from the merchant's end.

Thought I would just share my weird experience.

Is this the fault of Paypal? Annke?

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    Is this some weird Annke/Paypal one-touch-checkout thing?


      Nah I'm sure it's not. I use that all the time, wasn't the same, and regardless you still need to click 'pay'.


        Yeah, probably a Paypal glitch.
        Lots of people run orders into a site to see what they might like to buy and how much.
        Bit of a shock when the system takes over and buys it for you.

        Blame your cat for walking on the Mouse/Keyboard. lol

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    I called my CC company who said the transactions were already removed from the merchant's end.

    You had been seeing pre auth transactions….. You haven't been charged, but a auth was placed on your card to ensure you are 'good enough' for the money. As you didn't check out, the auth was released, instead of converted into a 'real' transaction.

    Nothing to see here.


      Ah nice, thanks for that.

      How strange that my credit card picked it up as a full payment.

      Thanks for your explanation.