Need Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Recommendation

Hi friends,
I need some recommendation regarding bluetooth transmitter receiver 2 in 1. Main functionality I am looking for is to connect my TV/Soundbar as transmitter to connect 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones without any leg for watching live match, movies etc. I also need receiver to stream music from my phone to the outdoor deck system which has oldschool basic amplifier.

I found many links for TaoTronics but I think it has been removed from AmazonAU. Is Taotronics 5.0 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver any good?

I am leaning towards Avantree Oasis Plus :
However I read in comments that 2nd pair of bluetooth headphones might lag so not sure now.

Thanks in advance



    Yeah TaoTronics was naughty so not on Amazon anymore, shame cause I've got a bit of their stuff and it's good.

    I've got the TaoTronics transmitter/receiver BlueTooth adaptor and it works well, have it hooked up to a PC in my room and my bluetooth headphones run well through it.


      Thank you for information @punchybassett. Do u experience any lags, specially when 2 headphones are paired simultaneously?


    I'm using this Blitzwolf Pretty good stuff. Recommended. AAA +++


      Thank you very much for reply. Did u experience any lag while connecting simultaneously on 2 Bluetooth headphones?


        Never tried 2 devices. I have to get back to you on that later. ^_^;


          oh ok. sure thanks

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            @nirajbhatt: Alrighty, tried 2 headphones simultaneously. No lag, or should I say its depends on what headphone brand you are using.

            Tested with: (1) generic BT dongle/attachment for Bose QC25, (2) Taotronic TT-BH085. Both are standard AptX. I dont have AptxHD headphone, so cant comment on that.

            There was a slight lag on the TT compared with BT dongle. Maybe by milliseconds. Not too noticeable when checking with the lip sync.

            My setup: Netflix on PS5 -> HDMI+Toslink Splitter -> Blitzwolf (Toslink) -> BT headphones

            Bad news, looks like this model had been discontinued. I checked ebay, Amazon, Banggood, Ali…. nothing. :(
            You might be able to find it from some random online shop, good luck!

            Blitzwolf BW-BR4 Review

            Alternative Ugreen but no AptxHD on TX mode, only RX


              @Yummy: Thanks a lot @Yummy for checking this out and detail reply. I will look around in market.