Need Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Recommendation

Hi friends,
I need some recommendation regarding bluetooth transmitter receiver 2 in 1. Main functionality I am looking for is to connect my TV/Soundbar as transmitter to connect 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones without any leg for watching live match, movies etc. I also need receiver to stream music from my phone to the outdoor deck system which has oldschool basic amplifier.

I found many links for TaoTronics but I think it has been removed from AmazonAU. Is Taotronics 5.0 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver any good?

I am leaning towards Avantree Oasis Plus :
However I read in comments that 2nd pair of bluetooth headphones might lag so not sure now.

Thanks in advance


  • Yeah TaoTronics was naughty so not on Amazon anymore, shame cause I've got a bit of their stuff and it's good.

    I've got the TaoTronics transmitter/receiver BlueTooth adaptor and it works well, have it hooked up to a PC in my room and my bluetooth headphones run well through it.

    • Thank you for information @punchybassett. Do u experience any lags, specially when 2 headphones are paired simultaneously?

  • I'm using this Blitzwolf Pretty good stuff. Recommended. AAA +++

    • Thank you very much for reply. Did u experience any lag while connecting simultaneously on 2 Bluetooth headphones?

      • Never tried 2 devices. I have to get back to you on that later. ^_^;

        • oh ok. sure thanks

          • +1

            @nirajbhatt: Alrighty, tried 2 headphones simultaneously. No lag, or should I say its depends on what headphone brand you are using.

            Tested with: (1) generic BT dongle/attachment for Bose QC25, (2) Taotronic TT-BH085. Both are standard AptX. I dont have AptxHD headphone, so cant comment on that.

            There was a slight lag on the TT compared with BT dongle. Maybe by milliseconds. Not too noticeable when checking with the lip sync.

            My setup: Netflix on PS5 -> HDMI+Toslink Splitter -> Blitzwolf (Toslink) -> BT headphones

            Bad news, looks like this model had been discontinued. I checked ebay, Amazon, Banggood, Ali…. nothing. :(
            You might be able to find it from some random online shop, good luck!

            Blitzwolf BW-BR4 Review

            Alternative Ugreen but no AptxHD on TX mode, only RX

            • @Yummy: Thanks a lot @Yummy for checking this out and detail reply. I will look around in market.

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